Faux Bun with Pompadour on Natural Hair

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This is going to be an existing weekend because two of my friends are getting married! I introduced them at my 26th birthday and they’ve been together ever since. While I am excited to be in the wedding, I have no idea how I will style my hair for the occasion. Based on weddings past, I knew that I wanted to have my hair in a protective style, so I decided to recreate a look with a faux bun similar to one I used for New Year’s Eve 2015.

Faux Bun with Pompadour on Natural Hair

Hair elastics and pins disappear every now and then for naturals, so I went to my local Walgreens after work to pick buy some Goody SlideProof Silicone Ponytailers. I was extremely excited because there was a BOGO on selected Goody products, so I purchased the clear and black SlideProof Silicone ponytailers. I also purchased the Goody Clean Radiance Paddle Brush.

Walgreens Beauty Aisle


Goody Items

I started out on a day old twist out. I still had definition, so I used the Goody Clean Radiance Paddle Brush to detangle my hair in the front for my pompadour.


The next step was to form my bun. Since cutting my hair for my birthday, I don’t have much hair for a ponytail, so I added some hair to create a faux bun. I used the clear slideproof silicone ponytailers for my hair and wrapped another around the added hair. I made sure to use the paddle brush to tease the hair so it blended well. I also twisted a strand and wrapped it around the bun. For the pompadour, just lift the hair at the top, roll and pin the end and connect it to the faux bun.

Marley Braid hair


front pompadour


faux bun side

This is the final look. You can even add a flower accessory to spice it up. I added one later on in the day.

front pompadour


faux bun flower


Make sure to hurry to your local Walgreens to get the BOGO in-store offer for select Goody products. The sale ends on June 4th, so I suggest you go ASAP. For more information you can Visit the official Goody website or follow them on Facebook.

Where do you find inspiration for hairstyles for weddings or special occasions?

5 Ways to Make Adulting Easier

I don’t know if it’s just me but as a millennial, turning 30 makes me feel that I have to take adulting more seriously. Many think that we want everything, but never want do the work, but I promise it’s not all of us. There’s always so much to do with little to no time for me. I work full time, manage two blogs, co-host events and try my best to have a social life with traveling and spending time with friends and family. Part of adulting to me is making myself more organized and setting things in place so things are easier in the long run. If you’re in need of some tips, here are five ways that make adulting a little easier for me.

5 Ways to Make Adulting Easier


Plan Outfits Ahead of Time

I remember the days of hitting snooze button and thinking ‘What am I wearing today?’, but I’m WAY too pressed for time to do that now. These days, I tend to plan my outfits ahead whether it be for work, church or an event. Of course there are occasional times where I do forget or I get lazy, but trust me when I say it saves a lot of time. I also do this when travelling. I usually start packing my toiletries and essentials about a week before and clothes and shoes are usually packed 2-3 nights prior to my departure.

Take Vitamins Daily

I’ve been doing this since a child, but learned to appreciate taking vitamins more as an adult since I’m always tired. Benefits of taking daily multivitamins are they’re good for increasing energy, building immunity and increasing your metabolism*. Since turning 25, my metabolism has slowed down, and even though I do my share of exercising, I really need all the help I can get.

Centrum Vitamins

Since I finished a bottle of vitamins on Friday, I took a ride to my local Walmart to purchase more. I opted for Centrum Gummies and Vitamints. They are chewable, so it’s easier to take than traditional tablets, you don’t have to take with food and they taste like candy *cues song by Cameo :-)*. Before heading to the pharmacy section in your local Walmart, enjoy staying healthy with simple solutions like Centrum Gummies and Vitamints. You can also get a coupon for additional savings.

Keep [Healthy] Snacks in the Office

I try my best to keep healthy snacks in the office just in case. There’s always a possibility of being in a long call or meeting that causes me to skip or have a late lunch. My snack of choice is usually some kind of fruit, vegetable to dip in hummus, pistachios or pretzels, but there are some days I’ll make a store run for some junk food. I was munching on some chocolate chip cookies last week; I know I’m not perfect.

Eat Out Less

In efforts to save more money, I try my best to cook more and bring breakfast or lunch to work instead of buying outside. You can meal plan for the week or simply prepare lunch from the night before. One thing I would love to try are overnight oats and mason jar salads. The laziness struggle is real when I come back from vacation, so I do need to be more effective in this practice. If I do forget to take my vitamins before leaving work, I make sure to keep some at my desk so I don’t miss a dose for the day.

Vitamints in desk

Know When to Take a Break and LIVE Life

I don’t know if I emphasize taking breaks enough, but it really is important especially as you get older. Life is so short and you don’t want to overwork yourself, look back and see that you didn’t enjoy it. I understand the importance of work and getting things done, but there should always be time to take a break. Go for a walk on a nice day, have brunch with girlfriends, take a spa day, be a tourist in your own city or tune out for some “me time” for a few minutes or hours. You don’t have to go on vacation or spend a lot of money when taking a break.

What are some other things that can be done to make adulting easier?

Spring and Summer No Buy: April Empties

This is not a sponsored post, but does contain some affiliate links. For more information feel free to check out my Disclosure Policy.

It’s about one month after announcing my Spring and Summer no buy and I actually have empties! The biggest challenge last month was becoming a Naturalicious and SheaBassador with Type 4 Naturals and me having to test out products to review. There have been products not on my list that I had to review, so it was a bit harder to clear my stash.

Last month, I separated the items I wanted to finish in a section of my bathroom and used them for [almost] every wash day. Here are my April empties:

InstaNatural Argan Oil Hair Mask

April Empties - hair mask

EDEN BodyWorks Coconut Shea Moisturizing Shampoo

I have a lot of the TGIN Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer left and honestly think this will last the rest of the summer. In addition to using that as a styler, I’ll be adding Wonder Curl Butter than Love pudding to the list. For a shampoo, in addition to the Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Shampoo, I’ve added Aunt Jackie’s Curls & Coils Oh So Clean! Moisturizing & Softening Shampoo so I can switch it up when I don’t need to clarify. The Shea Moisture shampoo will most likely be used until summer ends too. For it being May already, I have a long way to go. We’ll see what’s finished for next month.

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