What’s on my Bucket List

My 20s consisted of work, work and some more work. I just started to vacation and travel two years ago. There’s nothing wrong with working. I had to eat. Tuition needed to be paid, but I never got to do anything I wanted. One accomplishment I had was learning to swim. I’m no Michael Phelps, but I’m much better than I thought. Another thing that I’m sooooo happy I did was attend my first ever Backstreet Boys concert. I’m a HUGE fan and it was an amazing experience.

Below are five items on my bucket list. God willing, I’ll get them done in time.

1. Get my Driver’s License (that’s a WHOLE ‘nother story)
2. Own my own home; in or out of New York
3. Travel at least once to every US state
4. Find the courage to zip line (May happen sooner than later)

There’s a lot more I want, but these are obtainable for now. It’s not that exciting, but I really want to do it.

what is on your bucket list?

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