If you’ve been following on Instagram and Snapchat, you saw that I was in Cancun, Mexico last week. Mexico had been on my list for a long time; I was excited, but it wasn’t until booking the resort that I realized my vacation was during one of Cancun’s busiest seasons: Spring Break! I looked forward to relaxing poolside in warm weather, but I was dreading the fact that I’d be there with a bunch of wild and crazy college students. To my surprise, the experience wasn’t bad. Here are some tips to surviving a solo trip to Cancun during the spring break season.

Know What You’re up Against

I never vacationed during Spring Break but had a general idea of what to expect: overcrowded pools, loud music, parties, and drunk people. At the end of the day, I made up my mind to just deal with it when the time came. During my stay, I didn’t get catcalled or harassed and most importantly, I was able to get my drinks without issues.

Stay on the Quiet Side

My resort pretty much had two separate sides: one for the party-goers and a quiet side for families. On occasion, I ended up on the party side to get some food, but the majority of my time was on the quiet side.

Pyramid at Grand Oasis Poolside - Cancun Spring Break

Take Advantage of Outside Excursions

One of the main reasons for traveling to Cancun was to visit the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza and Tulum. After doing nothing on my first day, I booked full-day excursions with tour companies to these locations. I was able to do and see what I wanted and be around other like-minded people.

Use The Resort’s Amenities

Outside of the pool parties and clubs, my resort offered free non-motorized sports, golf and tennis lessons, a gym, casino, cooking and fitness classes, a spa and more. If your resort or hotel offers activities and amenities away from the “party zone”, use them and enjoy yourself. 

Stay in Riveria Maya

If you have enough time to plan, avoid the crowds in Cancun and stay in Riviera Maya instead. You’ll pay a little bit more, but it is further away from the airport and hotel zone. Riviera Maya also has an older, more reserved crowd and there are areas that are less touristy to visit.

I passed areas smelling like beer and urine on occasion, but I enjoyed my Spring Break experience. If I ever get to visit the Cancun area again, I hope it can be with a group of friends.

View highlights from my trip below

Where have you been for a Spring Break vacation?

How to Survive a Solo Trip to Cancun During Spring Break

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    • My friend went a few weeks ago for a birthday celebration and he said it was wild and overpriced. He’s not much of a partier, but he enjoyed the trip.

    • Yes. Busy season is generally Jan-April. I was able to get a really good deal at an all inclusive on Travelzoo (almost $200+ off regular price) though.

  1. Wow! Sounds like you had fun….that place is soooooo beautiful. I agree with all you’ve said. With the second point tho, I feel, for every vacation, it is better to stay on the quiet side (not every time tho)
    Thanks for sharing, Jo <3 and keep having fun :*

  2. These are great tips. I haven’t been to Cancun. I like visiting the non-touristy areas of Mexico. I agree, with you on Riviera Maya for that reason.

  3. As of yet I haven’t traveled while spring break was going on. At least you didn’t have to endure a peace breaking experience. I went to Mexico and stayed in puerto Vallarta a long time ago. Great place.

  4. It sounds like you had an amazing time. Traveling during spring break is always tricky. You lucked up for sure. It looks beautiful. I’m in desperate need of a warm beachy vacation.

  5. Looks beautiful. The more I read about these beautiful locations, the more I’m ready to break loose for a little vacation of my own.

  6. I am dying to travel alone, don’t know when that will happen but I can’t wait to experience it. Sounds like you had a relaxing time. Thanks for these tips!

  7. When I think spring break I automatically think of Cancun and how I don’t want to be bothered. Good tips. I loved Cancun, I just relaxed when I went, much needed.

  8. I have been to Cancun 2 years ago but never for Spring Break. I actually wouldnt mind, I would love to plan a cool solo trip to Cancun!

  9. I have never been solo on vacation and Spring Break is usually spent in Vegas which can be crazy depending on where you go but fun none the less.

  10. You would think this is a Spring Break destination I would have visited by now but I have not traveled to Cancun yet. I was thinking of going for a mini vacay during one of my 3 days weekends this summer so I will keep your tips in mind when booking my lodging.

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