Congrats to Carnival Nations for winning Band of The Year during their 10-year anniversary. Initially, CaribVibeTV posted a “no band of the year” on Instagram due to the lack of all bands crossing the second stage and massive amount of stormers jumping in the longer parade route. Below is my recap playing in the 2014 Caribana Parade.

I am no ‘mas expert‘, but based on conversation with previous masqueraders, stormers in the Caribana parade has been a BIG problem for many years. The main reason is more than likely the lack of knowledge of the whole purpose of carnival.

Having played in Trinidad, I know stormers are common. The biggest difference I’ve seen is their respect for the bands when crossing the stage. Carinval in general is a fun event but it is also a COMPETITION. It is also a safety hazard. Mas bands hire a certain number of people for security to accommodate for the safety of people that paid to go down the parade route. 

Masqueraders pay money to play mas and should be #Respected & #Protected #RePost or #SpeakOut in some way if you agree.

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Other than that, I tried my best to enjoy the day based on my understanding of the carnival culture. Below are pics on the road with Carnival Nationz.


Truck - errr Stormers on de Road - Caribana Parade Recap

Truck - errr Stormers on de Road - Caribana Parade Recap

Truck - errr Stormers on de Road - Caribana Parade Recap

Stormers were my biggest pet peeve at last year’s Caribana Parade. Although Caribana is a more cost-effective alternative to Trinidad Carnival, next year will more than likely be my last playing.

Here are some good reads talking about the stormer invasion:

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Do you think the carnival culture is lost at the Caribana Parade?

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