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international travel

5 Tips for Planning a Trip to Cuba

5 Tips for Planning a Trip to Cuba

If you haven’t noticed, Cuba is one of the most popular travel destinations for the year. Since taking a Caribbean Music course in college and being a lover of history, I’ve been wanting to visit the island. I’ve asked friends, read several blog posts and even joined Facebook travel groups to be informed of what to […] Read more…

Why Warwick Paradise Island is the Perfect Escape

Why Warwick Paradise Island is the Perfect Escape

Pressure on the job, home or in a relationship, will sometimes make you want an escape.  On my recent trip to The Bahamas for Junkanoo Carnival weekend, Warwick Paradise Island provided me with a complimentary stay. The resort has 12-floors, 250 rooms and provides luxury and hospitality for guests 18 and over. Read more on why Warwick […] Read more…

What to See and Do in Martinique

What to Do and See in Martinique

Being a Caribbean-American, I love discovering the differences and similarities between the Caribbean islands. I’ve visited former Spanish, Dutch, and (of course) British territories, but really want to visit the Caribbean Island With A French Flair: Martinique. Martinique is a French territory located in the Lesser Antilles between the islands of Dominica and St. Lucia. It is a small […] Read more…

How to Survive a Solo Trip to Cancun During Spring Break

How to Survive a Solo Trip to Cancun…During Spring Break

If you’ve been following on Instagram and Snapchat, you saw that I was in Cancun, Mexico last week. Mexico had been on my list for a long time; I was excited, but it wasn’t until booking the resort that I realized my vacation was during one of Cancun’s busiest seasons: Spring Break! I looked forward to relaxing […] Read more…

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