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Puerto Plata Outback Safari
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Puerto Plata Outback Safari

The first excursion for vacation in Puerto Plata was a full day Outback Safari by Outback Adventures; given a Certificate of Excellence on Trip Advisor. The tour included a ride to the Puerto Plata’s countryside, visiting a middle-class Dominican home, backyard plantation, a Dominican primary school, lunch and recreational time at the […]

The Atmosphere Have Vibes My First J'Ourvet Experience
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The Atmosphere Have Vibes…My First J’ourvet Experience

It’s mid winter and that means Carnival is near. Although I’m not going back to Trinidad for Carnival this year, I’m always reminded of my first j’ourvet experience. J’ouvert (French pronunciation: ​[ʒuvɛʁ]) is a large street party during Carnival in the eastern Caribbean region. J’ouvert is a contraction of the […]