Benefits of Solo Travel

Benefits of Solo Travel

In October, I’m going to Curaçao and it is what I call my first REAL solo travel experience. I get on planes and buses alone all the time and I’ve always gone where there’s someone a phone call away. My grandmother and her aunt lived in Curaçao some time ago, but as far as I’m […] Read more…

4 Ways to Use Your Smartphone When Traveling Overseas

4 Ways to Use Your Smartphone When Traveling Overseas

If you own a smartphone, it is almost impossible to not keep in touch with friends and family, especially when you’re traveling solo. If you’re worried about receiving a high phone bill after your trip, here are 4 ways to use your smartphone when traveling overseas. Use Wifi During your trip planning, choose a hotel […] Read more…

5 Tips For Solo Travel

5 Tips for Solo Travel

Every year thousands men and women make the decision to travel solo. Solo female travel has increased tremendously, there are many safety concerns from loved ones. In effort to ease fears, here are five tips for solo travel that can be used on your next domestic or international trip. Do Your Research Remember to research for any […] Read more…

How to Take Care of Natural Hair When Traveling

How To Take Care of Natural Hair when Traveling

After a harsh Winter that didn’t want to leave, warm weather is finally among us. Summer vacations are right around the corner and whether it be for the weekend or longer, you need to keep your hair tamed. Below are 3 simple solutions for taking care of natural hair when traveling. Use TSA-Approved Containers If […] Read more…

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