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Being a Caribbean-American, I love discovering the differences and similarities between the Caribbean islands. I’ve visited former SpanishDutch, and (of course) British territories, but really want to visit the Caribbean Island With A French Flair: Martinique.

Martinique is a French territory located in the Lesser Antilles between the islands of Dominica and St. Lucia. It is a small island rich in history and offers a little bit of everything for groups, families, adventure seekers, lovers, and solo travelers. 

Martinique Beach

Fun facts about Martinique

  • Napoleon’s wife Joséphine was born in Les Trois-Ilets
  • Temperatures average at about 79 F
  • There are over 6000+ accommodation options for budget, moderate or luxury travelers
  • 2/3 of the island is protected parkland
  • You can visit via plane, cruise ship or ferry from neighboring islands Guadeloupe, Dominica and St. Lucia

Le Memorial de L'Anse Cafard - Martinique

Interested in activities? Here are some of the top things to do:

  • Visit historic sites and museums like Le Memorial de L’Anse Cafard, La Savane des Esclaves, and Musse de la Pagerie
  • Relax at Les Salines Beach
  • Hike up the highest point of the island at Mount Pelée
  • Scuba dive in renowned sites like Diamond Rock and Anse Dufour
  • Explore the Jardin de Balata gardens

I’m celebrating my birthday on the island. Follow me on Snapchat and Instagram as I share updates real-time. 

What to Do and See in Martinique

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Is Martinique on your bucket list?


25 comments on “What to Do and See in Martinique”

  1. The gardens and diving would be at the top of my list. We’ve only just started exploring the Caribbean and Martinique in on our list!

  2. Martinique is such a dreamy destination, the photos remind me a lot of Hawaii, which is a favorite destination of ours. While I absolutely love days spent on a Caribbean beach, I appreciate that there is so much more to offer such as hiking and history. We would love to experience it for ourselves someday!

    • Thanks, Amy! My cousin is not much for the hiking, but I can’t wait to learn about the history and eat the food! I’m a lover of French cuisine and everyone I know that has been says it is amazing.

  3. I visited there last year and loved it! We grabbed a great deal from DC during one of the snow days and ended up having a ball. I went with two of my girls and though I don’t speak French, it felt oddly refreshing to be in a place where I didn’t worry about what people were saying . I loved the food and the spin on things and we LOVED Lily’s Beach Bar because 1) the food was amazing 2)drinks were great) 3) right on the beach. I would def go back but would take a translation guide with me next time!

  4. I have a love for the Caribbean and Martinique is no different. I would also like to visit the museums you mentioned: Le Memorial de L’Anse Cafard, La Savane des Esclaves, and Musse de la Pagerie.

    • I literally just came back yesterday. It was amazing. The only thing that was somewhat difficult was the language, but I had google translate. There is a tribe member that is down there. Our trip was short so he wasn’t available, but everyone says good things.

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