Good Eats: The Mercer Kitchen

About an hour after Shecky’s Holiday Night Out, my sister and I walked over to The Mercer Kitchen for some dinner. The restaurant is located on the corner of Prince and Mercer Streets in SoHo. The place is known for celebrity sighting and their Mercer Burger.

No lie, we walked right passed the restaurant. Even with the not-so-spectacular iPhone maps. (I’m usually good with map directions but, I’m not a big SoHo person anyway. Take me to the Bloomingdale’s on Broadway and we’re good though). There are no bright lights or big signs showing it’s presence.
We were seated immediately even though our reservation was for 7:30. The restaurant is about a 10 minute walk from the Broadway/Lafayette and Spring St subway stations. There’s a separation between the bar and restaurant; the latter being downstairs. There was maybe a 20-30 minute wait for food preparation. My chicken was very well seasoned and juicy. *thumbs up*
Even though it goes with the intimate setting, the lighting was very dim. My sister could barely see the menu and I pretty much had to read it out for her. The tables are also bunched up together. Granted, it’s there to accommodate more people, but I’m not very fond of being so close to the person eating next to me.
I would like to come here again; possibly for brunch or after work drinks. The staff was very warm and I felt no rush to “eat and go” with the waiter either.
Any recommendations for good eats in SoHo? Let me know!

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