Over the weekend, I spent a much-needed vacation with my family in the place where (most) Dreams Come True-Disney!

We spent 5 days in the Rolling Hills Villas/Houses about 15 minutes from the resort. The house had 7 Bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and a private pool. Three of the rooms were character themed: Disney/Pixar’s Cars for the boys, Disney Princess for the girls and Star Wars. We decided NOT to go to the Magic Kingdom; not because of price, but because we’re going to the same area for a family trip next year. Makes no sense to do the same thing twice.


I was the only one flying and Thursday was a “rest day”, so Friday afternoon, we headed to the Disney Boardwalk. It was simple and cute. With 6 kids and 8 adults, our walk consisted of pictures in front of a pirate ship, unlimited roasting marshmallows on the “beach”, classic boardwalk entertainment with juggling and watching the sun set. It wore the kids out and with an exception of margaritas and other drinks, everything was free! Soon after our walk, we made it over to Private Island Ice Cream for cool creations and board games.


Have you gone to the Disney Boardwalk? What activities did you do?

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