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10 Must See Places in Barcelona

10 Must See Places in Barcelona

With almost a year to plan and do research, my trip to Barcelona was still one of the most off the beaten path trips ever. A lot of exploring was done after purchasing a two-day Hola BCN travel card and taking the metro. I love looking at architecture when traveling and […]

What to See and Do in Martinique

What to Do and See in Martinique

Being a Caribbean-American, I love discovering the differences and similarities between the Caribbean islands. I’ve visited former Spanish, Dutch, and (of course) British territories, but really want to visit the Caribbean Island With A French Flair: Martinique. Martinique is a French territory located in the Lesser Antilles between the islands of Dominica and St. […]

March Favorites 2017

Maybe it was because I had vacation the last week, but March literally flew by. The majority of the month was spent organizing at home and my blog, but I still have some work to do. Here are the top three things included in my March favorites. Pink & Berry […]

Old Navy Puffer Vest with Over the knee boots

Puffer Vest with Over the Knee Boots

Spring has sprung, but old man Winter doesn’t want to go away quite yet. We recently had a mild snowstorm, that left me to work from home for two days. Breaking from my slight cabin fever, and taking advantage of the shining sun, I wore my puffer vest with over […]

Find Victoria Beckham For Target in Stores April 9th

Find Victoria Beckham For Target in Stores April 9th

Being 90s kid and a HUGE Spice Girls fan I became extremely excited about the new Victoria Beckham for Target collaboration. Victoria Beckham for Target is inspired by the Victoria, Victoria Beckham line, as well as Beckham’s everyday life. There are more than 200 items in the collection featuring soft […]

Electronics Ban Announcement on Some Inbound Flights

Electronics Ban Announcement on Some Inbound Flights

The US and UK announced this week that they will no longer accept electronic devices larger than a smart phone on inbound flights coming from certain countries/airlines in the Middle East and Africa. According the the DHS website, “Electronic devices larger than a cell phone/smart phone will not be allowed to be […]

5 Awkward Moments from Photo Funday

How to Embrace Your Awkward Moments

My name is JoAnna and I am awkward… I was super excited to learn that today is National Awkward Moments Day. I have no idea how or when it started, but I do the quirkiest things and actually have learned to embrace my awkwardness. For years I felt bad for […]