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Winter Protective Style Challenge

Since November 23, I’ve been sporting kinky twists and I finally took them out today. I honestly felt very proud of myself for keeping it in for 30 days straight. The only time I usually wear a consistent protective style is when I’m on vacation; styling my hair is the […]

Good Eats: The Mercer Kitchen

About an hour after Shecky’s Holiday Night Out, my sister and I walked over to The Mercer Kitchen for some dinner. The restaurant is located on the corner of Prince and Mercer Streets in SoHo. The place is known for celebrity sighting and their Mercer Burger. No lie, we walked right […]

Dotzila 24-Piece Brush Set

This past August, I visited family in Toronto for the Scotia Bank Caribbean Carnival (Caribana) and forgot my makeup brushes at my uncle’s house. While it did hurt my heart somewhat, I DID need a new set. A couple weeks after, I saw a deal on LivingSocial. 24-Piece Brush set […]

The LOC Method

The LOC Method (Liquid Oil Cream or Moisturize and Seal Method) is especially great for the colder months and helps to “lock in” moisture if your hair tends to dry out quickly. L(iquid) – Should be a water or a water based leave-in. I use Paul Mitchell: The Conditioner, or the […]

Purchase: Cyber Monday Mini Haul

Everyone close to me knows that I am a recovering shopaholic. The addiction has dwindled down after moving out of my parents house and a 90-day concentration, but I love a good deal. When it comes to clothes and shoes I can be pretty picky so it’s almost difficult as […]

Current Regimen for my Natural Hair

I don’t go crazy over hair typing, but I’ve been considered to be a 3c/4a when it comes to the typing system. Below are the steps taken when washing my hair. It usually takes me about 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete from start to finish. Pre-poo As stated […]

Jaheim Appreciation Concert Recap: 11/26

Jaheim along with Chrisette Michele performed at The Theatre at Madison Square Garden in New York City for the Appreciation Tour.   New York City native Chrisette Michele, briefly spoke of her love of “being back home”. Along with two backup singers over track, she sang hits from her sophomore album Epiphany, […]

Top 5 Staple Products

My inner product junkie has me sample other items from time to time, but these have become my staple products. For the most part, I pre-poo, wash/condition, use the L.O.C method, and style as desired (Current Hair Regimen). I consider myself to use a modified CG method. There are occasions […]