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R5 to Montserrat from Barcelona via train

How to Get to Montserrat from Barcelona via Train

On my recent trip to Barcelona, I could’ve purchased advanced tours to Montserrat via Expedia, Viator, the hotel’s concierge service, or even get a private taxi, but I missed my chance due to last minute decisions. Luckily the front desk associate was able to suggest an alternate route: traveling by […]

ancestry dna kit ethnicity estimate

Ancestry DNA Kit Results

A few months ago, I shared an overview of the Ancestry DNA kit process after sending my sample in the mail. My love for history, travel and my mother’s DNA kit results were all inspiration for trying it on my own. The average wait to get your Ancestry DNA Kit […]

3 Ways I'm Looking to Grow in 2017

3 Ways I’m Looking to Grow in 2017

I took a break for the past few days to spend time with friends and family, practice self care and map out how I want this year to go. Last year I set goals and pushed myself to Do Better and it resulted in me becoming [somewhat] more consistent and realizing the value […]

Best of 2016

Joanna E. Best of 2016

2016 was a great year for the Joanna E platform as a whole. I’m truly grateful for every social share and excited to see what 2017 has to offer. If you’re new here or have missed a few posts, here is Joanna’s best of 2016 10 – 3 Ways to […]

2016 Travel Roundup

2016 Travel Roundup

2016 is coming to a close and I’m excited to share a roundup of my travels for the year. Between discovering extra vacation days and finding flight deals, random trips seemed to come up a lot this year. Including day, weekend trips, and days off,  I visited 5 countries and […]

Natural Thai Takeover How We Spent 8 Days in Thailand

Natural Thai Takeover: How We Spent 8 Days in Thailand

It’s been a little less than 10 days since returning and I’m still excited about my girl’s trip to Thailand. In the little time that we spent in the country, we tried our best to do something everyday. If you haven’t had a chance to check highlights from my Instagram, here’s […]

5 Tips For Visiting Temples in Thailand 

5 Tips For Visiting Temples in Thailand 

On my recent trip to Thailand, our tour with Gate 1 included trips to several temples (or wats) including Wat Pho, (Temple of the Reclining Buddha), Chai Wattanaram Temple, Royal Summer Palace and Wat Mahathat (Temple of the Great Relic). Much like Mosques, Synagogues and Churches, there are do’s and don’t’s […]

2016 Travel Gift Guide

2016 Travel Gift Guide

Christmas is a few days away and if you’re like me, you haven’t started (or finished) shopping. As busy as I am, I do know what traveler’s like. If you’re looking for quick gift options for adventure and travel lovers, read more of my 2016 Travel Gift Guide. Smartphone Camera Lens If […]