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February Favorites 2017

It’s already the end of February and I’m back with sharing my favorites for the month. In January I shared my five favorite hair and beauty products and this month I’m including things that have been holding my interest. If you’re interested in what I’ve been into lately, below are my […]

Machel Monday - The Journey of a Soca King

Beat it Like Pan: My Favorite Moments from Machel Monday 

Carnival is a few days away and I don’t think I’ve ever missed it so much. Even though I’m not in Trinidad, I had the opportunity to watch Machel Monday through various sources on Facebook Live. It sure didn’t help my FOMO, but I loved it! There were tons of highlights throughout […]

3 Tips for Visiting the Acropolis of Athens

3 Tips for Visiting the Acropolis of Athens

Last summer I made my first trip Europe through a glitch fare from NYC to Athens, Greece. While I didn’t go island hopping like everyone and their mother shows on their Instagram, I did everything I wanted to do which was explore Athens, eat the food, and visit a UNESCO World Heritage […]

Beauty Essentials for the Office

Beauty Essentials for the Office

Living in NYC as a millennial blogger means at any given time there is SOMETHING going on after work. These include press events, planned and random meetups with friends and (when I’m up to it) dates. Most days I don’t want to have time to go back home, so I keep a few […]

10 Romantic Cities Around the World

10 Romantic Cities Around the World

One thing I love about the New York Times Travel Show is it showcases both domestic and international options for solo, family, group and couple’s travel. Valentine’s Day is a few days away and while it’s too late (and expensive) to plan something now, there’s nothing wrong with getting some inspiration […]

5 International Museums and Tours Focused on Black Culture

5 International Museums and Tours Focused on Black History

Last year, I shared 10 Museums in the US Focused on African American History and it was well received on social media. This year, I’m sharing options for your next international trip. If you have an interest in black history and culture, here are five international museums and tours to keep in mind. […]

PUR Cosmetics Trolls Eye Shadow Palette

Are you a fan of Trolls? I remember my sister having one when we were kids and hiding it in the corner somewhere. lol A few weeks ago, I unexpectedly received the new package and it just happened to be the PUR Cosmetics Trolls Eye Shadow Palette.

January Favorites 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve posted product faves and this year I’m switching it up to share monthly favorites. I have my staples, but between product formula changes and sometimes my mood, I reach for specific things throughout the month. Here are my five favorite hair and beauty products […]