For the past few weeks after church, I’ve been doing impromptu photo shoots with my friends NaysVoice and Kez B. We all had our different reasons for taking pictures; outfit of the day, stock photos for our blog and/or social media platforms, or in my case, to stop being so awkward in front of the camera.

awkward photo funday

Besides selfies or group photos, I barely take any pictures of myself because I never know what to do. Where do my arms go? Why do I have to look down like I’m searching for something? How do I ‘look natural’ without it feeling weird? Why do we have to do these photos in a public setting? These are the things that fill my head when taking solo pictures and it is probably noticeable in 95% of the shots taken.

Through these unplanned shoots, I noticed that the best pictures were of me just being me. Whether it was randomly taking a wine as a car driving by blasted soca music, walking on the beach or laughing because someone said something incredibly funny, these all showed real life Jo.

joy photo funday

dancing photo funday

Beach photo funday

The majority of my pictures probably won’t make it to my Instagram feed, but I still had a fun time. As awkward as I am in front of the camera, I know I’m pretty decent behind it. Here is a behind the scene and regular shot taken by me of Nay and Kez.

Nay Photo funday

Photo Funday with Kez and Nay

How are you when taking photos? Would you rather be in front or behind the lens?

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  1. It depends on who I am shooting with. I recently did photo shoots with two of my favorite photographers, and friend and then my brother. For whatever reason I am super awkward with my brother, but I was so much more normal and relaxed with my friend. Weird right? I feel you though, more times than not I am really awkward in front of the camera!

  2. aww we look beautiful. But, to answer your question I prefer both. Behind the lens because I like having the concept of how I see the picture come to life and in front because I get to be the focus. 🙂

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