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It may rain or look gray at some point, but I don’t think I’ve experienced a gloomy Easter Sunday morning. This year was no different and as tempting as it was to buy new clothes, I went into my closet and found a tulle skirt and batwing cardigan I’ve never worn before.

Tulle Skirt with Kimono Cardigan and Platform Sandals

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If you haven’t noticed, tulle is a pretty big trend for spring and summer 2017. I chose to dress up, but you can pair a tulle skirt with comfy flat sneakers or combat boots and a graphic tee. Tulle mini skirts are also cute paired with crop, lace or silk tops at festivals like Coachella, The Roots Picnic, Curlfest, and Afro-Punk.

Tulle Skirt with Platform Sandals

I purchased them about seven years ago, but these platform sandals are my favorite for the summer. As I get older, I prefer heels that are more comfortable than just “cute”. A huge benefit to platform heels is even height distribution. Traditional heels are angled, causing more pressure on your back, calves, and shin. You can wear platform sandals and still look stylish, but be much more comfortable. 

Tulle Skirt with Platform Sandals

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How do you wear a tulle skirt?

16 comments on “Tulle Skirt with Platform Sandals”

  1. I love love love the sandals. I’m pleasantly surprised that they are comfortable. Cute counts, but as I get older comfort overrides!! LOL. Thanks for the post!

  2. I don’t own a tulle skirt (yet) but I just might get one bases on your post! I’ve only seen the ones that look like tutus, but your skirt is elegant and glam. Cute look for church!

  3. I love everything about this look! The tulle skirt is beautiful and goes very well with the high-heeled sandals. I also love how you paired the skirt with the blue cardigan. Great look for the spring!

  4. I am loving the sandals! I agree with comfort over cute anyday! Thank you for sharing this awesome post!

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