Welcome to my blog!

JoAnnaE.com is an extension of me! I started this blog after a co-worker suggested I “write about all the cool things I do with my hair.” Of course, there’s more to me than my natural hair. Here’s a list of things you will be seeing here.


Since visiting Trinidad for a wedding, my new love has been travel and each year I try my best to ‘top’ the last. So far I’ve only visited two countries and a handful of U.S. cities. Read along as I take a journey in and out of the U.S. doing family and hopefully solo travel.


I have tons of makeup so what better way to share my addiction love for beauty than on my blog? I’ll be sharing beauty events, product reviews and makeup hacks along the way.


Do you like to shop? I absolutley love a good sale and opt for quality over cost. I’ll be sharing outfit of the day, shopping hauls and more.

I also love going to events, food. This platform will showcase all of that. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and monthly Newsletter so you never miss a post.


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