Puerto Plata City Tour

Thank you for the interest to work with me. JoAnnaE.com is an extension of me! This blog documents my personal travels, highlights events, shares product knowledge and topics reflecting beauty, style, food culture and more. My readers are interested in fashion, beauty, solo, family and adventure travel around the world with a mixture of budget to luxury brands.

On occasion, I accept items from individuals, companies, and PR firms for reviews. These items are always noted on each blog post. Feel free to send an email to info@joannae.com to discuss potential opportunities.

Services Offered

  • Press Trips
  • Sponsored Content
  • Restaurant/Venue Review
  • Hotel/Resort Review
  • Product Reviews (Blog or YouTube)
  • Event Coverage
  • Giveaways/Advertisements
  • Social Media Take Overs
  • Brand Ambassadorship

Press Trips, Event Coverage, and Restaurant Reviews

Tour promotions, attractions, experiences, hotels, events, and restaurants that are targeted to such travelers who are seeking these services. Travel related posts include family, solo and group travel. Here are some options you may receive:

  • A written blog post dedicated to my time at your restaurant, event or hotel, including “no follow” links to your website and social media pages.
  • Hi-Resolution photos.
  • Social Media updates during the visit.
  • Travel Video

Sponsored Content and Product Reviews

A sponsored post or sponsored links within a post. I review beauty or fashion items, home decor, accommodations, restaurants and other travel-related items in my posts. Links within posts are “no follow”, any sort of partnership will be disclosed and all opinions are my own. Sponsorship may include:

  • Representing your Brand or Company at Events or Conferences
  • Conducting Giveaways of your products or service on the Blog, on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) or at live local events in NYC
  • Tweet or Post about your product, brand or service to Social Media Channels
  • Host Live Chats for your Brand, Event or Service

Product Reviews

Reviews are provided for products and services. I generally write about the following categories, but I am open to discussing other opportunities: Travel and Transportation, Natural Hair, Family, Home, Productivity, Technology, Solo Female travel, Black or Caribbean owned business, West Indian, African American and World culture, Beauty and Style

  • I disclose all reviews and sponsored postings
  • Products will not be returned
  • Product reviews include “no follow” links to your website
  • All reviews of items received will be my honest opinion

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