5 Things I Can't Wait to Do in Curaçao

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Today’s the day! I’ve been waiting months and at this very moment, I’m on my way to Curaçao. Even though I’m going solo, I’m hoping to experience the island through self-exploration and traditional tours. I really enjoyed the ones I took in Puerto Plata, so I used Viator and Trip Advisor for some ideas. Here are five things I can’t wait to do in Curaçao.

Go to the Kurá Hulanda Museum

The Kurá Hulanda Museum focuses on Curaçao’s pre-Colombian life, Dutch takeover, the West African Slave trade, the various cultural influences on the island, and more. It’s only a coincidence that I’ll be visiting the week of the Columbus Day ‘celebration’ in the U.S. As a person very interested in history and culture, this activity will be done during one of my solo exploration trips.

The Aquafari

One of my 30-before-30 goals is to go snorkeling (I’ve been slacking). This will just be a close call. The Aquafari offers self-propelled, submersible scooters for you to see the reefs and fish in the water. This will be the last excursion I do for my trip and viewing the pictures on their website and Instagram pages had me both nervous and excited.

Explore Punda

Located in downtown Willemstad, Punda is a tourist area filled with shops for food, souvenirs, and clothing. There’s even a floating market. I’ll be staying at the Royal Sea Aquarium and they offer a shuttle service to Punda every day.

Tour Western Curaçao

When looking up “things to do”, I found a Western Curaçao Sightseeing Tour that includes a trip to Casa Abao beach, one of the best in the island. If it’s anything like the city tour or Outback Safari in Puerto Plata, I’ll be seeing more than what I paid for.


With all the sightseeing and tourism I planned, I am due for some much-needed rest. Since my family trip to Central Florida, I’ve been doing event hosting, planning, and a lot of work in general with both blogs in addition to working full-time and maintaining a sort-of social life. Time off every once in a while is a great way to enjoy the fruits of your labor, but it also gives you the charge to get back to work.

Things to do in Curacao

Have you been to Curaçao?

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