Rome FCO to New York JFK: Alitalia Economy Review

As mentioned the last stop on my trip to Europe was meeting up with my cousin in Rome. The mini Eurotrip was just Rome initially, but since I had family members that I never visited in London and always wanted to visit Paris, I decided to do 3 cities in 8 days trip flying back home on an Alitalia Economy Class ticket. Like my flight on Virgin Atlantic, I also received SkyMiles for traveling with Alitalia Economy. If you’re planning a trip to Italy, other parts of Europe, the Middle East, or Africa and wondering if you should take Alitalia, keep reading my Alitalia Airlines Economy Class review.

Check-In and Boarding with Alitalia Airlines

I had trouble checking in the day before and I was upset because I was in the middle seat of the last row. Even though the security and check-in experience at FCO airport wasn’t the best, I was pleased that the 9:30 AM boarding was on time. Before boarding, we received cards from a representative requesting we take a survey and be eligible to win two long-haul round-trip tickets. I did not take the survey, but I hope someone was able to win. There was a little confusion with the announcements and the people in front of me had the same status as me, but were able to board without an issue and I had to wait. In hindsight, I believe it was a preview of one of the most difficult flight experiences I’ve ever had.

Alitalia Economy Class Seating

The cabin for my Alitalia economy class flight had a 3-3-3 arrangement with each seat having its own entertainment screen. On the seat were headphones, a blanket, and a pillow set. I’ve been in the middle seat on several flights and have been good, but the seats on this Alitalia economy class flight were NOT comfortable. There was little to no legroom or space to do anything. Another drawback of the row I was in was a restroom right behind it, along with the galley.

Alitalia economy class seats
Alitalia economy class seats
Alitalia economy class 43 h seat
Alitalia economy class seat

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Alitalia Airlines Flight Entertainment

With each seat having its own entertainment screen, it was good to catch up on movies and shows. The entertainment console also provided games, a section for kids, music, and something I’d never seen on a flight before: in-flight chat. Since I was flying solo, I didn’t use this feature, but I think it comes in handy if everyone on your group vacation isn’t sitting together.

alitalia airlines in-flight chat
Alitalia Airlines in-flight chat

Food on Alitalia Airlines

We received our first snack about an hour into the flight. For lunch, I chose a beef stew with mashed potatoes and string beans. The food wasn’t the best and I honestly couldn’t wait to get home to have some Jamaican food.

Alitalia Airlines In-flight meal

Overall Experience Flying Alitalia Economy Class

The long-haul flight on Alitalia Economy Class wasn’t the best, but we landed on time. I suggest spending a little more and upgrading to Premium Economy or even Business class.

And that is my full Alitalia Economy Review! Have you taken Alitalia before?

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