A First-Timer’s Guide to Attending CURLFEST

If you’re a natural in NYC, the summer event we’ve been waiting for, CURLFEST NYC is this weekend! For those of you that don’t know, CURLFEST is an annual Natural Beauty Festival by Curly Girl Collective and the largest natural beauty event for black women and men in New York City. CURLFEST 2017 in Prospect Park Brooklyn was my second time attending CURLFEST NYC and there were more than 10,000 men, women, and children in attendance! If you’re thinking about attending CURLFEST for the first time this year, here are some tips for having a great experience.

Tips for Attending Curlfest for the first time
Abena from Embracenaturalbeauty_

Get your CURLFEST Tickets EARLY

CURLFEST tickets sell out FAST! In order to participate in the activities while attending CURLFEST, you need to buy tickets. Follow Curly Girl Collective for “save the date” and information on purchasing your early bird CURLFEST tickets. If you’re a known product junkie, early bird, gold, and silver and silver CURLFEST tickets go on sale that includes an official CURLFEST swag bag with products from sponsors. If you miss out on a CURLFEST swag bag, vendors often give away free samples or discounts on some of your favorite natural hair products.

Attending Curlfest is better With Friends and Family

With the sun shining, music blasting, and display of black excellence on every side, attending CURLFEST is better with friends. Not sure what to bring to CURLFEST? A blanket, snacks, your best friends, and the preparation to have a good time. If you don’t want to bring food or drinks, there are more than enough vendors selling a variety of food to purchase at reasonable prices.

Tips for Attending CURLFEST for the first time by curly girl collective - Go with Friends
With Constance from TeamNatural

Dress to Impress & Rock Your Natural Hair Proudly

CURLFEST is the ultimate celebration of black men and women of all shades and sizes embracing their natural hair. Come out rocking your best kinks, coils, locs, curls, braids and fro! You’re bound to capture some inspiration for natural hairstyles just walking through the crowd and get featured in a photo opp or two. Flower crowns, protective styles, and headwraps are also popular. Wondering what to wear to CURLFEST? Wear your best African (or African-inspired) attire, branded clothing to showcase your business, rompers, shorts sets, or festival wear.

Tips for Attending Curlfest by curly girl collective - Rock Your Natural Hair
Ashley Hall

Come Ready to Spend Money

Not only does attending CURLFEST provide hair and style inspiration for men and women, but there are also opportunities to support the cause and shop new and established Black-Owned  Businesses. Vendors sell products within the natural hair, beauty, food, fashion, and jewelry businesses.

Be Prepared for the Large Crowds

If you’re attending CURLFEST for the first time with friends or children be prepared for large crowds. Large crowds can be overwhelming and cell service can be spotty. Create a meeting place with your group if someone gets lost.

Stay Hydrated & Wear Sunscreen

CURLFEST takes place in an open field with large crowds and lots of action. There will be times of waiting in long lines, searching for friends, dancing, and lots of energy so take breaks when necessary. If you do bring [alcoholic] drinks to the party, make sure to have enough water to keep yourself hydrated. Even if you bring an umbrella shade, it is important to still wear sunscreen. Make sure to apply and reapply throughout the day to prevent sunburn.

A First-Timers Guide to Attending CURLFEST

Any other tips for attending CURLFEST for the first time?

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