Quick and Easy Carnival Makeup Inspiration for the Road

carnival inspired makeup

If you’re a longtime follower, you know that I LOVE Carnival time. I haven’t played mas since 2014, but I watch Machel Monday, Soca Monarch, and other streamed events online. Being upset I missed another carnival, I created a carnival makeup look inspired by one of my costumes from Caribana.

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Read more about how I did this carnival makeup look below


carnival inspired makeup
I started out by moisturizing, filling in my brows, applying foundation and setting my makeup with a translucent powder. I also used a contour and blush palette to sculpt my face and a little highlighter to glow.

Products Used for my Face


For a bold eye look, I finally used the Trolls Eyeshadow palette. The colors used were Branch, DJ Suki, and Karma.


carnival inspired makeup ombre lips
Carnival is all about being bold and creative. I came out of my comfort zone by using a liquid eyeshadow and lipstick n my lips for an ombre effect. I think I did a pretty decent job on the first try.

Products Used for My Lips

As mentioned in my Carnival Prep, you can definitely add lashes stones and glitter for your carnival makeup looks to stand out more. Since my travel plans are done for the year, I’m hoping to make it to a future carnival. I’m still not sure if I want to play mas, but I have more than enough time to decide.
Do you have an interest in any Caribbean Carnivals?

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