Essentials for a Blogger Conference or Meetup

essentials for a blogger conference or meetup

I’ve been to many events and meetups as a host or attendee, but Blogalicious 9 was my first blogger conference ever. I did a lot of research to prepare, but some things still fell through the cracks. It was definitely a learning experience and I can’t wait to use the tools I’ve learned in the coming months. If you’re attending a blogging/ business conference or general meetup anytime soon, here are a few things to bring with you.

Business Cards

The #1 essential to bring to a blogger conference are your business cards. You will be speaking to brand reps, entering contests and meeting with other bloggers and keynote speakers. Bring more than you need because there’s a possibility you will run out. If there is a Staples nearby, print some out with necessary information like your name, business name, email address and where to find you on social media.

The Right Clothing

You want to be comfortable, but not TOO comfortable when it comes to clothing at a blogger conference. Business casual wear is usually best. There will be a lot of walking around so have comfortable shoes handy if wearing heels for a long time is a problem. Depending on the conference or your niche, a branded t-shirt can work for you. There may be nightlife offered in the city so pack something nice for dinner or drinks with other attendees.

A Phone Charger or Battery Pack

At pretty much every blogger conference or event, there are updates via social media whether they’re quoted tweets of keynote speakers, going live, or posting photos and videos. Your battery will get low or your phone will die. Bring along a portable phone charger or have an external battery pack like the Mophie to keep your phone charged up.

Something to Document Notes

Blogger meetups usually are to bounce ideas off each other and help you be more productive; a Laptop for research or making notes is a good item to bring along. If the battery dies, pen and paper still work. Have these items handy in your bag to jot down notes. There may be some already available at the desk or table you’re sitting.

Have you been to a business/blogger conference or meetup? What were some essentials you brought with you?

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