Things to do in Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata City Tour + Things to do in Puerto Plata + Day Trips from Puerto Plata

Out of all the excursions we took in Puerto Plata, the half-day city tour was both educational and fun. We started at the Tropical hotel, part of the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, and rode in an air-conditioned Caravan to each stop. If you’re visiting Puerto Plata solo, with family, on a baecation, or need ideas for shore excursions, check out these things to do in Puerto Plata.

Cable Car & Mount Isabel de Torres

The first activity on our excursion was the cable car up to Mount Isabel de Torres. It was a 5-7 min trip going up and down and a bit scary for me as I am not too fond of heights. As we reached the top, we learned about early settlements, and the mountain’s history and took pictures with a mini Christ the Redeemer Statue. We also saw beautiful views overlooking the city and the countryside.

Day Trips from Puerto Plata Mount Isabel de Torres
Puerto Plata Mount Isabel de Torres Country View

Brugal Rum Factory

Stop number two was the Brugal Rum factory. The guide gave us a history of the Brugal company and the amount of rum produced and distributed. A plus for this tour was tasting and purchasing the different rum flavors, but it wasn’t as interactive as the Bacardi Rum Factory.

Day trips in Puerto Plata - Brugal Rum Factory
Day trips from Puerto Plata – Brugal Rum Factory

Independence Park and Catholic Church

Since we visited during Independence month, it was fitting to visit Independence Park and the Catholic church. The square was decorated nicely preparing everyone for the children’s carnival that was being celebrated that week. The church was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. There were mahogany chairs and marble floors. We were informed that the church was recently remodeled after an earthquake some years ago. After the church, we went to a local souvenir shop to see the cigar-making process and purchase gifts.

puerto plata church
POP church
independence square POP

Fort San Filipe

Fort San Filipe was one of the first forts to be built in the Americas. As with most forts, its purpose was to prevent pirates from entering the north coast of the island. The fort was huge and we were able to see where the new cruise ship port was being built as well as catch a breeze from the Caribbean Sea.

Day Trips from Puerto Plata - Fort San Filipe
Day Trips from Puerto Plata – Fort San Filipe
Puerto Plata City Tour from Puerto Plata – $54.00 This is a tour that should not be missed during your stay in Puerto Plata. The area boasts large historic area with buildings dating back to the 1600’s., the Amber museum includes samples of ancient fossils, some worth as much as $50k. Also take advantage of the rum factories in the area

Check my video below showing highlights of our City Tour:

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Puerto Plata City Tour + Things to do in Puerto Plata + Day Trips from Puerto Plata

What are some of your favorite Day trips in Puerto Plata?

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    Wow, sounds like an amazing trip! It sounds like there’s a lot of incredible history and can’t wait to experience it for myself.

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