Indoor Cycling at Punch Pedal House Brooklyn

Indoor Cycling at Punch Pedal House Brooklyn

I don’t work out regularly. In fact, it can be weeks or months before I even start working out again. I can’t say that I’ve entirely let myself go, but I HAVE gone up a pant size or two..maybe three. Since noticing my weight gain, I’ve taken up a few things including home workouts, and more fitness activities while traveling. Last week I was invited to Punch Pedal House for Ryde, the hardest, but the most rewarding spin class I’ve ever taken. If you’re visiting Brooklyn on vacation or live in NYC and looking to incorporate HIIT Indoor Cycling in your fitness regimen, here are some indoor cycling tips for beginners and what to expect when visiting Punch Pedal House, Brooklyn.

Punch Pedal House Brooklyn
Punch Pedal House Brooklyn Logo

About Punch Pedal House, Brooklyn

Punch Pedal House offers a combination of HIIT Indoor Cycling Classes and Boxing Boot Camp classes in the heart of DUMBO. It is also a family-owned Boutique Health Club with classes starting at $25.00. Ryde is the indoor cycling experience that is 45 or 60 minutes of rhythmic-based cycling. The boxing boot camp was formulated to use metabolic conditioning (METCON), functional strength movements with weights, which focuses on the prevention of injuries in sports, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) on the skid mills, giving a superior advanced workout to other group fitness classes. The Boxing Bootcamp comes in 45 or 60-minute durations. It includes Bags, Skillmill (Treadmill), and Bodywork as the three main pillars of the workout.

Inside punch pedal house's boxing boot camp room
Inside Punch Pedal House Dumbo Boxing Boot Camp Room

Tips for Taking Classes at Punch Pedal House

Punch Pedal House Brooklyn
Lobby at Punch Pedal House, Dumbo

Sign Up and get to Class Early

After signing up for an account, make sure to show up at least 15 minutes early. These classes usually have a waitlist and spots are given away. Once the classes begin, no one is allowed to enter. Arriving early also ensures your equipment is set up correctly.

Be Prepared to Sweat

Punch Pedal house does not offer classes to look cute and take sweaty selfies so put the phone down. Based on past workout experiences, I knew I’d sweat. If you have long hair or normally rock a fro, consider these hairstyles for working out. You don’t want to be looking like an alpaca at the end of class like me.

Weights are Included

Both classes are designed to tone & strengthen your body. I’ve never incorporated weights with spinning, but it was a lot of fun.

You May Experience DOMS

If you’re on and off with your fitness journey, you may experience DOMS (Delayed-onset Muscle Soreness) and it’s totally normal. Of course, my legs hurt the next day, but the overall class was good.

HIIT Indoor Cycling With Punch Pedal House Dumbo

If I messed up or wasn’t up for a certain set, at least nobody would see, right? WRONG! I couldn’t even fake it if I wanted to, but the instructor Joey pushed me to work harder and I loved it.

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