3 Signs You NEED a Break

3 Signs You NEED a Break

Even though I promised myself I’d be more consistent, I definitely took a mini break from blogging last month. Since my trip to Greece,  work has made me so busy to the point where I just stopped writing due to a lack of time.

Scrolling through my Twitter feed a few weeks ago, I saw a flight deal to Puerto Rico and booked tickets for myself and my sister right away. We haven’t been on a Caribbean Island together since 2004, so it was long overdue. I also did it knowing she needed a vacation badly.

If you’ve been working hard lately, here are three signs you are in need of a break.

Lack of Motivation

As creatives, there are a million tabs open in our heads all the time. When you need a break from work or life activities, the desire to start or finish tasks may not be there. Eating habits begin to change and overall laziness starts to sink in.

Taking a break whether it be a walk or unplugging from social media for a while helps get the creative juices flowing, giving you the ability to produce new content.

Sleep Deprivation

Falling asleep late? Hitting the snooze button more and more? Lack of sleep is definitely a sign that a vacation or at least a personal day is needed from work.

Sleep deprivation can cause irritability, weight gain, and other chronic health problems. Taking time off to get some rest will help you recharge to get work done more efficiently later on.

3 Signs You NEED to Take a Break

Working Too Much

Arriving to work early, leaving work late, bringing work home, and working on the weekends. These are all signs that you need to take a break. Use the time off to do family activities or catch up with some much-needed rest.

*Bonus* People Actually Say That You Need a Vacation

When you feel you need a break, that’s one thing, but when others around you notice the same thing, it should be a red flag. Take action when coworkers, close friends, or relatives suggest you need to take some time off.

3 Signs You NEED a Break

What are some signs that show you need a break? Share them below.

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