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No Place Like Home: Tobago Carnival 2023 Recap

Tobago Carnival 2023 recap + Tobago Carnival 2023 review

Tobago Carnival 2023 hosted a week of main events for its second annual Carnival, independent of the Trinidad & Tobago National Carnival in Port of Spain, San Fernando, and other cities in the country, traditionally celebrated on the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. New events for Tobago Carnival 2023 included the Junior and Senior […]

A First-Timer’s Guide to Planning Trinidad Carnival 2024

A First-Timer's Guide to Planning Trinidad Carnival 2024

It is finally band launch season and if you haven’t started planning for Trinidad Carnival 2024, the time is RIGHT NOW. Trinidad Carnival, known as the Greatest Show on Earth is home to the largest carnival in the Caribbean region. It attracts all levels of Carnivalists from around the world, from first timers to veterans […]

Miami Carnival 2022 Recap

After my experience at Atlanta Carnival earlier this year, I decided to give Miami Broward Carnival a try. If you weren’t aware, Miami Carnival is an annual event hosted by the city of Miami. It is a Caribbean style carnival, similar to that of Trinidad and Tobago, and is held in early October. I’ve traveled […]