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A Complete Guide to Booking a Casa Particular in Cuba

In addition to questions on how to visit Cuba and getting around, I received many questions on where to stay in Cuba. Hotels are pretty expensive, but to be in compliance with the “Support for Cuban People” category, you should be staying in Casa Particulares (casa particular, or casa for short). Types of casa particulares in Cuba […]

What to Wear in Cuba, Packing List + Basic Essentials

What to Wear in Cuba, Packing List + Basic Essentials

I love going on vacation, but packing and unpacking are the most tedious tasks of travel to me. Packing for Cuba was somewhat hard for us because we didn’t want to forget anything due to limited resources. Not everything is easy to get from the pharmacy or regular store so my cousin and I had […]

Transportation Options in Cuba

Transportation Options in Havana, Cuba

Since coming back from my trip to Havana, Cuba I received so many questions about getting there, transportation, and where to stay. If you’re a first-time reader, I suggest reading my tips on planning a trip as an American citizen. Since my cousin and I paid for lodging in advance, the majority of our money […]