About Joanna E – NYC Travel, Beauty, and Lifestyle Blogger

About Joanna E - NYC Travel & Lifestyle blogger

Hi, I’m JoAnna and welcome to my blog! I’m an full-time IT Professional, part-time award-winning travel and lifestyle blogger, and photographer. This platform shares how I balance it all through my travels, beauty, and style. I am passionate about helping women of color travel despite their busy lifestyles and encourage them to pursue their dreams with or without a traditional job.

About JoAnna E

I started blogging back in 2013 while documenting my natural hair journey. It eventually blossomed into a lifestyle space sharing how I balance travel and life while working full time as an IT Professional in NYC. As a woman with many interests, on this platform I share travel guides and tips for millennial women interested in affordable luxury travel around the world as well as natural hair, beauty, and style inspiration. As a first-generation Caribbean American I am a HUGE advocate for sharing information about the Caribbean whether it is Caribbean travel, businesses, or culture and often highlight the region as more than a beach getaway.

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