How to Go from Relaxed to Natural Hair

Thinking about going natural? Discover how to transition from relaxed to natural hair seamlessly with these 20 tips for a successful transition

Set Realistic Expectations

Embracing your hair in its natural state takes time and a lot of patience. Set realistic expectations on what you want to achieve in your natural hair journey.


Research how to transition to natural hair, what hair products that work well for transitioning hair and create a wash day routine.

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Do Transitioning Hairstyles

Protective Style

Protective styles such as box braids, twists, buns, and updos help protect your hair from manipulation and reduce breakage.

Transitioning hairstyles helps with blending both relaxed and natural hair textures.

Find A Community

Connect with other naturals through online communities, social media, or local hair meet-ups. Share experiences, seek advice, and find inspiration to keep you motivated on your natural hair journey. 

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