4 Easy Natural Hairstyles for Working Out

It’s been a little over a month since I’ve started working out again and I’m actually seeing results. I created a schedule to work out at least 3 times a week and it has been working well especially since I have a lot of free time after work and on the weekends. Unless I go swimming, I stick to my regular hair care regimen by washing my hair on a weekly basis.

Figuring out easy natural hairstyles for the gym was NOT something I thought I needed to worry about. There are occasions where I have gone to the gym or group fitness class with “free hair”, but like playing mas, the best hairstyles are when my hair has been out of my face. I admit that I am lazy when it comes to doing my hair in general, but these hairstyles are simple enough for anyone.

If you’re starting your fitness journey or trying to figure out how to style your hair for the gym, here are the best natural hairstyles for working out,


Have an old twist out, braid, out or wash and go? If so, a puff is an easy style to transition to using an old knee-high stocking or long elastic hairband. When converting an old hairstyle into a puff, I usually don’t have to worry about styling until the next wash day which usually ends up on the weekend.


Buns are both great protective styles for the work week and easy hairstyle for working out. To achieve a “perfect bun”, use an old sock or purchase a foam donut from your local beauty supply store. Don’t forget to use a headscarf and gel or pomade to lay your edges down.


If my hair is in a two-strand twist, a few days later, I can convert it to a twist out or put it a puff. I can even wear a twisted up-do with the front twists hanging down or unraveled similarly to the style worn during the Healthy Living Tour.


Braids work similarly to twists. They can be converted to a braid out, or as a regular protective style if worn in extensions. The possibilities are really endless. The best part is they start as simple hairstyles and easily become different the next day or week with little changes.

Easy Natural Hairstyles for Working out

What are some other good natural hairstyles for working out?

One thought on “4 Easy Natural Hairstyles for Working Out

  1. Zala Hair says:

    Super cute and easy hairstyles…love all of them, especially the #2 bun!! I think this is one of the best go-to hairstyles for the gym. Thanks for sharing!!

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