Natural Hair Regimen for Beginners

The Easiest Kinky Hair Regimen for Type 4 Hair
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A lot of naturals complain about wash day, but it doesn’t have to be when using the correct products or the natural hair regimen. I’ve come to a point in my natural hair journey where I know my hair type, porosity, and what hair products work. I have even narrowed my hair care regimen to 45 minutes from start to finish. If you’re a natural that has figured out your staple products and are looking for a simple natural hair regimen for beginners, here is a quick and easy 3-step method to follow.

Natural Hair Regimen Step 1: Pre-poo

The first step of my natural hair regimen is usually a pre-poo. If you wear protective styles often, pre-pooing is essential. I usually pre-poo my hair with Pure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. The price varies, but you can purchase online or at your local health store. Here’s how I usually pre-poo with coconut oil:

  • Apply the product directly to my scalp and massage using the tips of my fingers. There is no set time that I do this, but I make sure the oil is applied to my whole scalp.
  • Section hair in four parts, securing them with pins or hair clamps and apply the oil on my hair; focusing on the ends. I also begin my finger detangling and shed hair removal. I twist each section after detangling and proceed to work on the next section until complete.
  • Use the greenhouse method by placing a plastic shower cap on my head and leaving on for approximately 15-20 min and rinse out to start washing

Natural Hair Regimen Step 2: Wash and Condition

I usually co-wash my hair with the As I Am Coconut Cowash Cleansing Conditioner, but there are times I shampoo with a moisturizing or clarifying shampoo. If I go swimming, I use Aubrey Organics Swimmers Shampoo and moisturizing conditioner. Here are simple steps for washing or co-washing hair especially if your natural hair is long or thick:

  • With my hair still in twisted sections, apply the product directly to my scalp and massage to remove any product buildup that accumulated since the last wash day.
  • Unravel the twists one-by-one and finger detangle with the conditioner.
  • Re-twist conditioned hair and wash out.
  • Apply an old t-shirt to prevent frizz and absorb the water

If you typically have dry hair and feel it needs a little more love, I suggest applying deep conditioning using the baggy method. You can also do a protein treatment if your hair is feeling limp or brittle.

Natural Hair Regimen Step 3: Apply the L.O.C Method

The very last step of my natural hair regimen is to apply the L.O.C. method. The L.O.C (Liquid, Oil, Cream) or Moisturize and Seal method is especially great for the colder months and helps to “lock in” moisture if your hair tends to dry out quickly. With my hair still in sections, I unravel each twist and apply a leave-in, oil, and butter or cream to style.

Note: If I am doing a wash and go style, I do not use the L.O.C. Method. I skip the oil and cream portion of my natural hair regimen and only use the leave-in. It depends on my mood if I apply a butter or gel afterward. And that is my complete natural hair regimen for my type 4a natural hair. Based on the time of day that I wash my hair, I keep it twisted in the sections and let it air dry through the day and overnight to wear a twist-out or braid-out the next day. Since my wash day is a Saturday, if it doesn’t fully dry by Sunday I can keep it in the twists or style for the rest of the week.

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