Best Caribbean Carnival Hairstyles for Women

Best Caribbean Carnival Hairstyles or festival hairstyles for Women

If you spent your money to play mas for Trinidad Carnival, you definitely want to look your best on the road. I have some tips for getting ready for a Caribbean Carnival and a carnival makeup idea but didn’t mention anything about carnival hairstyles. It is important to know that the best hairstyles for carnival are ones that don’t cover your face. With all the jumping and waving, it is important to see where you’re going. If you have no clue how to do your hair or are limited on time between endless fetes and J’ouvert, here are the best hairstyles for carnival for women. These cute carnival hairstyles will also work for any summer and fall festival hairstyles.

Carnival Hairstyle #1 – Wear it Natural

As a lazy natural, of course, wearing it natural would be my first option. The absolute cheapest way to style your hair is using your OWN HAIR. There’s no need to purchase extra hair when you’re using your own kinky, curly, or straight hair and it takes the least amount of time to style. Just rock your twa, puff, wash and go, locs, fro or do a style you’ve been wanting to try on YouTube. Don’t forget to pack your staple hair products to keep it moisturized because the sun is hot! When playing with Trini Revellers, I had a simple braided updo and cowashed at least twice during the week I stayed. Playing in Toronto with Carnival Nationz for Caribana, I’ve always had half braided/ half down hairstyles.

Caribbean Carnival Hairstyles- Braided Updo
Hairstyles for carnival – Braided Updo
Braided Updo hairstyle
Braided Updo for Trinidad Carnival
Cute Carnival Hairstyles - Natural Hairstyle
Natural Hairstyle for Caribana

Carnival Hairstyle #2 – Braided Extensions

Whether it is in the US, the Caribbean, most carnivals occur when the weather is warm. Box braids, Senegalese twists, kinky twists or braids are cute carnival hairstyles because you can style them like your regular hair. It is a bonus that your hair is still in a protective state. A low-cost go-to option for me would be crochet braids. It takes less time to style versus braided extensions and depending on the curl pattern, washing is a breeze.

Carnival Hairstyle #3 – Wigs and Weaves

The last suggestion of hairstyles for playing mas or on J’ouvert morning is to wear wigs or weaves. Due to excessive partying, I recommend using hair that can be washed easily. With all the sweating from fetes and on the road, you would definitely need to keep up with your regimen by washing or co-washing your hair at least or twice. After washing, make sure the roots of your hair are fully dry to prevent mold from building up on your hair and scalp.

I hope this quick guide sharing different Caribbean carnival hairstyles was helpful with your Carnival prep. As mentioned, they work well as cute festival hairstyles too! If you found this post helpful, pin for future reference and share it with your social community.

Best Caribbean Carnival Hairstyles for Women

Did I miss anything? What are some of your favorite hairstyles for carnival?

14 thoughts on “Best Caribbean Carnival Hairstyles for Women

  1. Jessica says:

    I am a SOCA JUNKIE! Thank you so much i really needed this for the next time i’m playing mas. Braids are my thing but i’ve never really fancied updo braids, i’ll be definitely trying it for mas next year

  2. Kara says:

    Love the jeweled look with your updo! The flat twist and back out look is cute too, definitely gotta keep the hair out your face in the heat. Great choices!

  3. Kemkem says:

    I would just love to have hair that anything could be done with :-). These styles look great and versatile. I can’t even begin to imagine how hot the head feels. Reminds me of the head gear we have to wear in

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