What to Wear in Morocco as a Female Traveler

Since Chefchaouen wasn’t on our itinerary, I thought figuring out how to get there would be the biggest headache in planning our girls trip to Morocco. Little did I know that WHAT TO WEAR in Morocco would be the most common subject in our group chat.

Although Morocco gets millions of tourists from Europe, North America, and other parts of the world, it is still a traditional Muslim country. We’re so used to short shorts and crop tops traveling to warm destinations so finding appropriate clothing for Morocco was tough. If you’re traveling to a country where “bow wow” isn’t acceptable, here are some ideas of what to wear in Morocco as a woman.

What to Wear in Morocco

Maxi or Midi Dress and Cardigan

What to Wear in Morocco as a Woman: Midi or Maxi Dress
What to Wear in Morocco as a Woman: Midi or Maxi Dress

When picking out what to wear in Morocco, it is also good to be mindful of the weather. When we visited Marrakech, it was hot! We decided that cotton maxi dresses were appropriate clothing for Morocco due to the weather. If you have a strapless or sleeveless dress, you can bring along a cardigan to cover your shoulders and arms.

Tunics and Leggings or jeans

What to Wear in Morocco as a Woman - Jeans or leggings
What to Wear in Morocco as a Woman – Jeans or leggings

Cover your bum and wear a tunic with some ankle or calf-length leggings or jeans. I’d suggest wearing it at night since it gets cooler. It also gives mosquitoes less opportunity to feast on your legs.

Jumpsuit and Duster

What to Wear in Morocco as a Woman
What to Wear in Morocco as a Woman – Jumpsuit and duster

I love jumpsuits. They’re comfortable and you can dress them up or down. Pictured above is the jumpsuit I wore during our food tour in Marrakech.

Comfortable Shoes and Clothes

What to Wear in Morocco comfortable shoes and clothes
What to Wear in Morocco – comfortable shoes and clothes

Whether you’re seeing the sites or shopping for goods, chances are you’ll be doing a lot of walking around. It’s best to wear comfortable shoes so your feet won’t hurt as much at the end of the day. No need for heels since the sidewalks and roads are a bit bumpy, but I suggest also bringing a pair of cute flats or sandals in case you go out at night.

Stick to cotton, linen, and other lightweight material that won’t cause you to sweat. Also, make sure to pack solid-colored clothing as some graphic tees may be considered offensive. Anything covering your shoulders and knees works well in most areas. Driving to Marrakech from Fez, I wore shorts and a sleeveless top, but for the majority of the 10+ hour ride, I was on a coach bus making stops only for food, beverages, and the bathroom.

Kaftan Dress or Traditional Moroccan Clothing

When all else fails, shop the souks for traditional Moroccan clothing. A Kaftan (or caftan) is a variant of a robe or tunic that can be worn on both casual and formal occasions. It is often worn as a coat or an overdress, reaching to the ankles, with long sleeves.

Are Bikinis and Other Swimwear Appropriate Clothing for Morocco?

Bikinis and other swimwear are appropriate clothing for Morocco and are allowed if you’re visiting a beach in a coastal city or staying in a hotel with a pool. You can pack one or two-piece swimsuits, but remember to cover up in public areas like the hotel lobby or in restaurants.

What Swimwear is appropriate clothing for Morocco
High Waisted bikini at La Mamounia Marrakech

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What to Wear in Morocco as a Woman

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