Chefchaouen Travel Guide: Visiting the Blue City in Morocco

One of the biggest highlights of our girl’s trip to Morocco was the day trip to Chefchaouen. After seeing a video on Facebook earlier this year, I knew I wanted to go so I researched ways how to get there during our free day in Fez. From viewing the new city to exploring the medina, I enjoyed every bit of the day. If you’re traveling to Morocco and want to experience a popular, but traditional, laid-back city, read more about the blue-tiful city in this Chefchaouen travel guide.

View of the City of Chaouen + Chefchaouen travel guide

About Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen (or “Chaouen”) is a city in the Rif Mountains of northeastern Morocco. After being exiled from Spain, Sephardi Jews settled in the area and painted the city blue. Some say the blue color reminded them of God, while others believe it wards off mosquitoes.

How to Get to Chefchaouen

My friend and I purchased a round-trip ride from Fes to Chefchaouen from Viator. The ride to and from Fez was about 3 hours with minimal traffic. Outside of private taxi service, you can also travel via train or bus.

Travel Guide to Chefchaouen

Things to Do in Chefchaouen

  • Explore the Old City Medina – Walk up and down the hills to explore the medina of Chefchaouen. Take photos in and out of the alleys and interact with locals.
  • Visit the Spanish Mosque – The Spanish mosque is now a ruin that can be visited by walking uphill out of the Western gate of Bab el-Ain.
  • Hike up the Rif Mountains – Take a trek for the day or multiple days up the Rif Mountains to get awesome panoramic views.
  • Visit the Al Kasaba Museum – The Kasbah (Al Kasaba) tower orMusée de Chefchaouen explains the history and culture of the city of Chefchaouen.
  • Shop the Souks – Come here to buy leather goods, Moroccan wool clothing, oils, soaps, lamps, lanterns, carpets, and more.
Moroccan Leather
Alley in Chefchaouen + Chefchaouen travel guide
Alley in Chaouen
The Kasbah (Al Kasaba) tower
Souks in Chefchaouen + Chefchaouen travel guide + Where to shop in Chefchaouen

Where to Eat in Chefchaouen

If you’re staying a few hours or a few days, walking up and down the stairs and hills of the medina in Chefchaouen will surely bring up an appetite. Here are some restaurants to check out within the city:

  • Cafe Restaurant Sofia – One of the most popular restaurants in Chaouen is Cafe Restaurant Sofia. With prices from $4-20, it won’t break your pockets either.
  • Aladdin Restaurant – Offering lunch and dinner, Aladdin Restaurant is another popular choice. Food reviews are average, but everyone raves about the views at night.
  • Sindibad Sindibad was our restaurant of choice. My friend and I both had vegetable couscous with the Sindibad salad and mint tea. There are also beautiful views from the top.
Tagine + Where to eat in Chouen
View from Sindibad

Where to Stay in Chefchaouen

Our trip to Chaouen wasn’t overnight, so I can’t personally share the experience on accommodations, but I researched some of the highest-rated hotels & guesthouses. Below are some suggestions, but you can also try Airbnb or other alternatives.

Our time was limited, but the 4-5 hours spent in Chefchaouen were well worth it. I hope this mini Chefchaouen travel guide was helpful in your trip planning. If you plan on visiting, stay for at least two days to get the most out of the experience.

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39 thoughts on “Chefchaouen Travel Guide: Visiting the Blue City in Morocco

  1. katherinefenech2017 says:

    I’d never heard of this place before, it seems lovely and quaint and not too far away by car. I love the blue theme throughout as well.

  2. Addie says:

    Chefchaouen is SO high up on my bucket list, it’s just too beautiful for words! I’d definitely want to stay at least one night, but if I had the choice to spend a few hours there or none at all I would definitely choose the few hours!

  3. Liza says:

    I have read so many beautiful things about Morocco it is on my bucket list! Those silver lanterns and the shopping is calling me. Thanks for the tips

  4. Tiffany H. says:

    I would have been happy to go shopping, I was looking at leather bags in Cuba but didn’t buy one. I have always looked at tours on Viator but never booked them. Did you enjoy the tour/services by them?

    • Joanna E says:

      It is helpful for some tours because includes pickup/drop off and a lot of them give lunch. If you don’t know the tour company directly, it’s good. This was the same price direct or with viator and if there are any issues you can be refunded. In Curaçao they never picked me up for my tour I got my $ back after sharing the email screenshots.

  5. Mimi Green says:

    This is the first time I’m heard of this place. The thought of a city based one color is really dope. Blue is a perfect color and I love the story behind it. I need to know if this mosquito situation is true.

  6. Nelly Kung'u says:

    I love traveling and Morocco has been on my list for a while. This sounds so much better than I read on it. Thanks for this. Can’t wait to visit

  7. Noémie says:

    Wow , I did not know anything about this town and it looks magnificent. I really would like to go there one day, I’ve only went to agadir when I went to Morocco.
    Noémie xx

  8. BehindTheSchmile says:

    I’ve been wanting to go to Morocco for years now and this post has made me shift it right to the top of my list!!! Beautiful pictures and a very informative guide- thank you for sharing!

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