Photo Diary of Beautiful Doors in Morocco

Since I stayed home all summer, my only vacation in Q3 was a week in Morocco with the girls. This was a first for all of us on the African continent and we learned a lot about the history, culture, food, and people within the country. One constant that remained in each of the five cities I visited was the unique Moroccan door designs for shops, houses, and medinas.

Since traveling to Athens and Barcelona, I’ve become obsessed with taking photos of architecture in my travels. I had no idea these Moroccan door designs would be such beautiful sights to see. Below I share a photo diary of all the beautiful doors in Morocco I’ve encountered on our girls vacation.

Moroccan Doors in Rabat

Our first day was spent in the capital of Rabat where I first encountered the Moroccan doors. Notable sites included the Royal Palace, ancient ruins of Chellah, Oudaya Kasbah, and the Hassan Tower. En route to Fez, we also made a stop at the Roman city of Volubilis.


Moroccan Doors in Fes

Doors in Morocco - Rabat 2

Doors in Morocco - Rabat 3

Doors in Morocco - Rabat 4

Doors in Morocco - Rabat 5


Moroccan Doors in Fez

I personally didn’t get to explore much of the city of Fez because I used our free leisure days to visit the blue city of Chefchaouen. Our pickup was in the medina, so I took some photos around our waiting area including a document of independence.

Morocco Document of Independence located in Fez
Morocco Document of Independence located in Fez

Doors in Morocco in the Fes Medina

Doors in Morocco Fez 2

Doors in Morocco Fez 3

Door photo in Fez

Moroccan Doors in Chefchaouen

Visiting Chefchaouen was a dream come true! The city was absolutely incredible. I think I took a photo of every Moroccan door in Chefchaouen, but this was my favorite. Read more about this city in my Travel Guide to Chefchaouen and see more Moroccan doors.

Doors in Morocco Chefchaouen
Doors in Morocco Chefchaouen 3
Doors in Morocco Chefchaouen 2
Doors in Morocco Chefchaouen 4
Doors in Morocco Chefchaouen 5

Moroccan Doors in Marrakech

Marrakech was a city like no other. The minute I walked into Djemaa el Fna Square, my eyes lit up. In addition to buying Moroccan spices and argan oil, we shopped the souks for souvenirs for friends and family. Below are some of my favorite doors in Marrakech.

Doors in Morocco Marrakech
Doors in Morocco Marrakech
Doors in Morocco Marrakech
Doors in Morocco Marrakech
Doors in Morocco Marrakech
Doors in Morocco Marrakech
Doors in Morocco Marrakech

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Photo Diary of Beautiful Doors in Morocco

Which one of these doors in Morocco caught your eye?

11 thoughts on “Photo Diary of Beautiful Doors in Morocco

  1. Moroccan doors says:

    These pictures are amazing, great shots, we have been in morocco for many times but everytime we see beautiful post like this one its like seeing morocco for the first time. Thank you for sharing

  2. Taylor says:

    AFRICA! ?If you are always taking girls trips like this let’s be friends forever. Love to see another Queen out here living her best life uninhibited. Keep your spirit as beautiful as the journeys you photograph.

    • Joanna E says:

      Yes! I had so many questions looking at each one. The locals and guides were just as eager to
      Share the story about them. Something so simple became a conversation starter.

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