The Ultimate Trinidad Carnival Packing List + Free Printable

Trinidad Carnival Packing List
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If you have been a reader (or social follower), you know I have no shame sharing my love for Caribbean festivals and events, especially Carnival. I haven’t played mas in a while, but I stay up to date with the music and various carnival events held each year. Trinidad & Tobago Carnival is almost here and people from all over the world are preparing to visit the twin-island republic for what they claim as “the greatest show on earth”. If you’re participating in any of the festivities this year, today I’m sharing a list of items to bring along in an ultimate packing list for Trinidad Carnival.

Trinidad Carnival Packing List What to Pack for Trinidad Carnival

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Basic Essentials for Trinidad Carnival

The first items to include on your list are carnival packing essentials. If you’re traveling anywhere outside of your own country a passport book is needed. Make sure you’re aware of any visa or passport expiration requirements before heading out as well. You don’t want to be denied entry on your flight for not having enough free pages or time left before expiration. To save time after landing, have an address of the hotel, guest house or family member you’re staying with for the Customs & Immigration agent. I’ve known many people to not be prepared and get frustrated when they don’t have this information when entering Trinidad.

Health, Beauty & Hair Essentials for Carnival

Specifically for the ladies, this will probably be the second-biggest category of items to add to your packing list. Pack basic toiletries, along with prescription and pain medications. If it is that time of the month, I suggest using a menstrual cup over tampons and pads since you only have to empty every 8-10 hours. When it comes to styling your hair for Trini Carnival, protective styles work best, but you may want to wear your hair differently. Make sure it is out of your face and bring a good amount of shampoo and conditioner. As far as makeup goes, pack essential skincare and beauty items. You can schedule to do your makeup for Carnival Monday and Tuesday for a fee or check out these carnival makeup ideas for a DIY look.

Carnival Hair and Makeup


Trinidad Carnival Fete Wear

If you’re attending Trinidad Carnival you need outfits for the various types of fetes. There are pool and beach fetes, cooler fetes, all-inclusive fetes, boat rides, all-white fetes and so many more. The more comfortable the better works for me, but this is Carnival! You want to look your best because EVERYONE will be taking photos EVERYWHERE. Here are some sites for great fete wear for women.

For casual, glam and bohemian styles, check out these outdoor fete suggestions. If you plan on cooling down on Ash Wednesday for a beach lime (or fete), dress accordingly. Make sure to bring enough food and drinks or head over to Richard’s Bake and Shark at Maracas for a taste of Trinidadian goodness.

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While you want to look your best at the fete, J’ouvert is a little bit different. Wear shoes and clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty. If you’re concerned about getting your hair messed up with oil, paint, and powder, a clear shower cap with a bandana or cheap wig should suffice. I highly suggest wearing baby oil to make the oil and paint come off easier after J’ouvert.

The Road

In addition to wearing costumes for Carnival Tuesday, there has been a huge increase of styles available for Trinidad Carnival Monday wear. Add beads, glitter, body jewelry and more to your carnival costume for Monday wear and Carnival Tuesday. The more creative your Carnival Monday wear ideas are, the better. You WANT to stand out.

Carnival Monday Wear

Trinidad Carnival Monday Wear Ideas

When I played mas back in 2013, Carnival Monday wear was a basic t-shirt with the band logo and pum pum shorts. That is no more. You should be just as glam for Carnival Monday as you are for Carnival Tuesday minus your costume. For Carnival Monday, you can easily piece together something from Amazon, Dollskill, or iHeartRaves. There are also tons of indie designers available online to shop from. For last-minute Monday wear, I suggest Amazon if you have an Amazon Prime account due to quick shipping. Here are some Carnival Monday wear ideas and accessories to add to your existing looks. They come in various colors too.

Carnival Tuesday

Pretty Mas aka Carnival Tuesday for Trinidad Carnival is when you want to wear your full costume. Make sure to have a sewing kit handy just in case you need to make any adjustments after your costume pickup. Nylon stockings for carnival are a big “No!”. Purchase carnival stockings from carnivalista, wear no stockings, or get some from amazon.

Trinidad Carnival Packing List + What to bring for Trinidad Carnival - Carnival Tuesday
Trinidad Carnival Packing List + What to bring for Trinidad Carnival

Need an easy Trinidad Carnival checklist or printout to help while packing? Click here to download a copy of my FREE carnival packing list. If this post was helpful, make sure to pin it for future reference and share it with your social community.

Carnival Packing List - What to Pack for Trinidad Carnival
Did I miss anything? What are some other items to include in a  Trinidad carnival packing list?

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