5 Reasons to Support Bazodee the Movie

5 Reasons to Support Bazodee the Movie
I was provided press passes to the Bazodee movie premiere in exchange for my honest opinion.

BA•ZO•DEE (adj)

A state of confusion; a state of love

Last week Soca lovers along with men and women within the film and Caribbean entertainment industry gathered at the Play Station Theater witnessing Caribbean history for the Bazodee movie premiere. Bazodee is a Bollywood-like Caribbean musical and the first movie released by Serafini Pictures and Machel Montano’s own Monk Pictures.

As a first-generation Trinidadian-American, it was exciting to see people “like me” on the big screen. If you haven’t heard about this film, here are my five reasons everyone should support and watch Bazodee the movie.

It’s a Cute Film

Bazodee is musical dramady about two people from different backgrounds finding love through a common interest: MUSIC. It will make you laugh, steups (kiss your teeth) or have ‘wha de jail is dis?’ (OMG) moments, but the movie overall shows how music not only inspires but unifies people.

Bazodee Highlights Caribbean Music

Soca music (originally the SOul of CAlypso and according to Machel Montano, the SOund of the CAribbean) and a few Indian folk songs are played and sang throughout the film. The main character Lee (played by Montano) shows variety in his character’s musical style by playing the ukulele, African and Tassa drums. If you’re a soca music fan, you will sing along (and wine) to pretty much every tune.

It Exposes Viewers to Trinidadian Culture

From the Red-Band maxi taxi and seeing familiar streets throughout the movie, I was hyped! Bazodee the movie is set around Trinidad Carnival, one of (if not the biggest) cultural celebrations in Trinidad and Tobago. The movie gives viewers a taste of j’ouvert, the streets of Port of Spain during Carnival time and the connection Trinidadians have to it’s African and Indian roots.

It’s Caribbean Made

Bazodee is not a Caribbean-like film featuring actors with bad accents saying “mon” after every sentence. It was written by Claie Ince, a Barbadian, and filmed in Trinidad and Tobago.  Filming and production of the movie provided work for locals to be extras and crew members bringing a source of income.

Machel Montano

Being totally biased here, but Machel is one of my favorite Soca Artists. Seeing him on the big screen was all kinds of awesome. Machel has been performing since the age of 7 and is a global ambassador for Soca Music. For the legend that he is to lead in a Caribbean film is a huge accomplishment and a treat for fans.

Machel Montano in Bazodee the movie

More about Bazodee the Movie

Anita Ponchouri (Natalie Perera), the dutiful Indian daughter of a deep in debt businessman (Kabir Bedi) is about to marry a wealthy Londoner (Staz Nair) when a chance encounter with local Trinidadian singer, Lee de Leon (Soca music star Machel Montano in his film debut) sets things askew. In search of a muse, de Leon agrees to perform at the engagement party for both families. Unable to deny their mutual attraction, and with the excitement of Carnival approaching, Anita must now choose between the answer to her family’s financial prayers and the possibility of real love. Set on the vivid, colorful twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago, and pulsing with the sensuous dance rhythms of soca music, BAZODEE is a new style Bollywood musical with a distinctly Caribbean island flavor.

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5 Reasons to Support Bazodee the Movie

You can download the Full Bazodee Movie now on iTunes. See the Bazodee movie trailer below

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18 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Support Bazodee the Movie

  1. Eva says:

    This is really awesome. So glad that the culture is being represented. I have to find a moment to go see the movie and support. I think it is amazing that he is branching out.

  2. Danielle says:

    Sounds like a great movie that’s a true representation of the culture. As a NY’er born and raised I always love seeing familiar streets and landmarks in movies. Maybe hubby and I will see for date night.

  3. Stacie says:

    Wow, looks like something to see. This is my first time hearing of it but doesn’t look like it’ll makes it’s way up North. I’ll have to look when it goes to video.

  4. Tiffani G. says:

    You already know I loved the movie! It was so good to see people who sounded like my muddah, tantes, and uncles coming from the speakers! I’m so glad it’s playing in obe of the theaters near the house…I’m going to see it again.

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