3 Tips for Going to the Beach with Kids

I love the beach with kids. On our first attempt driving to Splish Splash earlier this summer, my sister and brother in law took the kids to Oyster Beach. It was towards dusk so we didn’t get to go in the water, but it was still a fun day. In addition to having the basic essentials, if you plan on going to the beach this summer or a family vacation where a beach is nearby, here are three tips for going to the beach with kids.

Don’t Force them in the Water

While my oldest niece was literally a fish on her first beach day, my youngest niece was more comfortable in the sand than the ocean. There’s nothing wrong with testing it out, but if a child isn’t comfortable going in the ocean, you shouldn’t force them in the water. My youngest niece loves the pool and bath time, but the ocean and waves are too much for her. Find activities to do outside of the ocean like playing in the sand or going to the park areas with sprinklers. They can still have water fun without going into the ocean.

Bring Beach Toys

In addition to basic essentials, kids need some kind of entertainment or at least something to play with. Leave the stuffed animals and baby dolls behind and invest in some beach toys. Beach balls, kites, bubbles or shovel/pail sets are great toy options. Collecting water for moats and building sandcastles can be a fun bonding activity that will keep kids occupied for a long time.

Always Watch Them

If you’re an adult going to the beach with kids (or any public place for that matter), you should always be watching them. Being on vacation in other countries, I’ve noticed that lifeguards aren’t always present; even if there is one on duty, you should always know where the child is in and outside the water. This prevents them from wandering off on their own or with strangers. When planning on going to the beach with kids, try going at a time when it isn’t too hot like before 10AM or after 2PM and always bring sun protection. If you have small children, make sure to schedule in nap and snack times and it’s good to have plastic bags in handy when switching from wet to dry clothes.

3 Tips for Going to the Beach with Kids

What are your tips for going to the beach with kids?

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