Cheap Travel Gifts For Frequent Travelers

Great Gift Ideas for Frequent Travelers
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Can you believe the year is almost up? Black Friday is days away and there will be so many people searching on and offline for the “perfect gift”. If you are a frequent flyer or you’re looking for gifts for someone traveling abroad, here are a few gift ideas to consider.

International Travel Adapter

I saw this cute 4-in-one travel adapter from the Moma Store and wanted to purchase it myself. This compacts together easily and works in over 150 countries. Since I plan on visiting countries outside the Americas next year (like Thailand), it’ll definitely come in handy.

Portable Charger

My cell phone is pretty much my go-to device. I manage my blogs, get personal and work-related emails, use social media, and contact friends and family on it. If I didn’t have an extra charger, it’d be dead by my normal lunchtime. Portable chargers are an awesome gift idea for those long airport layovers or someone that generally uses their phone frequently.

Packing Cubes

Since most of my trips are solo, the less baggage I have is better for me (coming home with gifts is a different story lol). Packing cubes are great for organizing clothes and accessories. As a tester, I purchased the Shacke Pak on Amazon and it can hold about three weeks of clothing in your carryon if used correctly. You can also check out the eBags, TravelWise and Eagle Creek options.

Travel Pillow

Some of the best naps are in the backseat of a car during a road trip or on a long-haul flight. Travel pillows make uncomfortable rides a bit more bearable and help keep your neck from bobbing around like you’re trying to stay awake on a train ride home.


If your traveling friend is a solo traveler like me, a camera is a great gift. There’s but so many selfies I can take with my phone, so I use my cameras showing the country, city or activity through my eyes. My personal camera is the Sony a6000. I’m a super novice so it works for me. You can always opt to get an action camera like a GoPro or a regular point-shoot camera. If the camera doesn’t have built-in wifi, invest in a wireless SD card. I love my ezShare card and use it for posting via social media on press trips.

Travel Sized Hair Products

As a natural, taking care of my hair is directly included in anything travel related. I’m a product junkie at heart, so hair product samples always make their way into my travel toiletry bag. This season, Wonder Curl is offering 4 reasonably priced holiday bundles. Curls, Shea Moisture and Jane Carter are just some of the many hair brands that offer travel-sized hair products. A cute idea is purchasing them and including them in a nice gift basket.

What are some other gift ideas recommended for frequent travelers?

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