16 Best Designer Tote Bags for Travel

Best Designer Tote Bags for Travel

If you haven’t noticed, airports are starting to get crowded because travel is finally picking up again. Rising gas prices lead to rising flight costs which can also cut into your budget for checked luggage if you’re not team carry-on.

Sometimes a crossbody, shoulder bag, or backpack is not enough to carry all of my travel essentials so I opt for a tote bag as my personal item, especially during international travel.

A tote bag gives you quick access to your passport, phone charger, camera, extra camera lens, wallet, laptop, hand sanitizer, sunglasses, medication, lip balm, other travel beauty items, water bottle, snacks, pair of shoes, and a swimsuit or change of outfit if needed.

Totes also great for a day trip or bringing home last-minute souvenirs for friends and family. If you’re looking to travel in style, here are helpful tips on what to look for when purchasing a travel tote and the best designer tote bags for travel.

Best Designer Tote Bags for Traveling

What to Look for in a Travel Tote

When looking for a travel tote, the main things I considered were cost, size, style, security, and materials. I also look for things like adjustable shoulder straps so I can wear them as a crossbody if needed or a fashionable tote that can also work for every day.

Depending on the type of traveler you are and how you plan to use the bag, some options will be more critical than others.


Whether you’re a budget, luxury traveler, or somewhere in the middle, the cost is probably one of the first things that come to mind when looking for a good travel tote.

Designer travel totes are pricey but are made to last. Most designer bags have warranties to repair or replace the bag if it is damaged.

If you’re a frequent traveler, spending more on a travel tote that is high quality would make better sense than getting something that’s replaced every 2 to 3 years.


The size of your travel tote depends on what you plan to bring with you. Totes come in different sizes and it is important to check the bag’s dimensions before purchasing. Buying a tote that is too small will be hard to fit some necessities and something too big may cause you to overpack.

If you do consider a large travel tote, look for one that had plenty of room and open compartments to help with organization or purchase a tote organizer insert.


Security is another essential factor when picking a travel tote bag. One with a top zip closure or magnetic closure will be the most effective for keeping your belongings secure or you can get an open top tote with interior pockets for easy access to essential items like your phone, keys, wallet, and passport.

In addition to zippers and slip pockets some convenient features to look for in a travel tote for work travel are a padded sleeve to keep your laptop or tablet from getting scratched and a removable zip pouch for daily use.


When buying a travel tote, make sure to invest in something that has materials that will last. Designer travel totes are made from many different materials such as nylon, leather, canvas, or a mixture of two or more materials. Nylon is a great option because it is lightweight and easy to clean.

A premium leather bag is durable and made to last long. Cotton canvas bags are lightweight, easy to pack, and usually machine washable.

Best Designer Tote bags for Travel + Best Travel Totes

The Best Tote Bags for Traveling

I did a lot of searching these past few weeks for the best carry-on tote bags and found the perfect travel tote that can also be for everyday use.

My list of designer tote bags for travel. shares spacious bags that can be used for everyday life like for work, school, travel, or running errands, and are an asset to your handbag collection.

Coach Willow Tote

TUMI Everyday Tote

TUMI Bailey Business Tote

Tory Burch Ella Nylon Tote

Dior Book Tote

Paravel Cabana Tote

Beis Weekend Travel Bag

Chloe Woody Tote

Saint Laurent Rive Gauche

Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Marc Jacobs The Tote Bag

Gucci Ophidia Tote

Longchamp Le Pliage Tote

Saint Laurent Icare Maxi Shopper Tote

Michael Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Tote

Michael Michael Kors Voyager Medium Crossgrain Leather Tote

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Which one of these designer tote bags for travel do you like best?

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