4 Easy Alternatives to Relaxers for Black Hair

Hair relaxer alternatives

I love my natural hair, but there are times I get tired of doing the same twist-outs, braid-outs, and puffs. As cost-effective and beneficial as being natural is for my funds and health, there’s just no way I would go back to a relaxer. If I knew of a relaxer alternative in the past, I probably wouldn’t have converted my first transition. In the 5+ years that I have been natural, I’ve seen women relax their hair due to boredom, reaching a specific hair growth length, or lack of a consistent hair regimen. If you’re bored with your natural hair, here are some alternatives to relaxers for Black hair.

Straighten Your Hair

The alternative to a hair relaxer I suggest is getting it straightened. The shrinkage is real and sometimes you might just miss doing that hair flip when you walk away or wearing a ponytail. A benefit to having healthy natural hair is the ability to wear your hair curly or straight. I typically have straight hair once or twice a year and maintain it for 3-4 weeks at a time. Having straight hair is also a type of low manipulation style. Whether you’re doing a blowout and straightening on your own with a flat iron, hot comb, or professionally, make sure to use a heat protectant to minimize heat damage and have a good straight natural hair regimen.

Alternatives to relaxers for black hair
alternative to relaxer for black hair

Add Some Color

Funny enough, I STARTED my natural hair journey by coloring it after transitioning for a little over a year. Adding color to your natural doesn’t always have to be permanent. You can use hair chalks, hair paint wax, temporary hair color spray, or get a hair rinse. The fun part of being natural these days is “DIY”, but I suggest visiting a professional stylist when thinking about rinses, bleaches, permanent dyes, and other color treatments.

Get a Hair Cut

If your hair is damaged due to breakage or split ends, it may be time for a second “big chop”. These options can range from going completely bald, getting a low caesar, deva cut, or tapered cut. If you’re not comfortable using scissors or clippers on your own, see a stylist.

alternative to relaxer for black hair

Protective Style

The last alternative to relaxer for black hair I suggest is a protective style. Get some crochet or box braids, a sew-in, or buy a wig. Protective Styles are great alternatives to relaxing hair because they give you a break from doing your hair. It is also a good option for those naturals with Hand In Hair Syndrome. Just remember to take care of your hair when it’s in a protective style by keeping it moisturized. You should also continue to wear a bonnet or satin pillowcase to protect your hair during bedtime.

alternatives to relaxers for black hair

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I hope these suggestions of alternatives to relaxing hair are a helpful source for days you’re bored with your natural hair. Switching up your hairstyles every once in a while without damaging its health not only gives you a new look, it shows the versatility of natural hair.

4 alternatives to relaxers for black hair + Hair Relaxer Alternatives When You're Bored With Your Natural Hair

What are some other alternatives to relaxers for natural hair?

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