A Look Inside the Rosé Wine Mansion NYC

Inside the Rose Wine Mansion NYC Popup

One goal I have for the summer is to enjoy more of New York City. There have been a number of pop-up exhibits throughout the city this summer and I was excited to visit the Rosé Wine Mansion with my friend Kez B. As wine lovers, we just knew we needed to visit. Read more about our evening at the Rosé Wine Mansion NYC and what to expect if you decide to visit.

Rose mansion NYC - hello

A Look Inside the Rosé Wine Mansion NYC

You can’t miss the Rosé Wine Mansion because the doors are big and pink on the outside. Located in Midtown Manhattan and minutes from Penn Station, the Rose Wine Mansion is a 14-room interactive pop-up exhibit.

Attendees walk through each room drinking rosé from around the world while learning the history, science, economics, and culture associated with rosé wines. Inside the Rosé Wine Mansion, you will find a rosé bar and two former dressing rooms turned photo booths to enjoy at the end of the tour.

Important things to know Before Visiting the Rosé Wine Mansion NYC

The Rosé Wine Mansion is a temporary pop-up in NYC until October 7. Tickets are $45 plus tax, but I recommend saving $10 and getting happy hour tickets which are from 2 PM – 4:30 PM Monday-Friday.

Visiting the Rose Wine Mansion is for men and women 21 and older. A valid government-issued ID is required and checked at the door before entering. Below are some of the different rooms that are inside the Rosé Wine Mansion.

A Brooklyn Patio

The tour begins by walking up the stairs to collect your glass, Rosé Wine Mansion collectible pin, and stickers to decorate an all-white room. This white room is supposed to reflect a [gentrified] Brooklyn Patio and is almost like a science project.

Rosé gets its pink color because the juice soaks up the grape skins for a few hours. The white room will eventually turn pink like wine when it soaks up grape skins.

rosé mansion nyc white room

Sipping Rosé Around the World

The second room was travel-themed and we received our first of many wine samples. Here, we learned that rosé is made everywhere around the world with the exception of Antarctica.

In addition to boarding “Rosé Mansion Airlines”, we pinned on a map where we have or would like to drink glasses of wine.

Rose Mansion nyc - Rose Around the World

Do You Like Sweet or Bitter Wine?

The next room was dedicated to the science of enjoying sweet vs bitter wines. Each person apparently is born with a certain sensitivity to bitter flavors. Women tend to be more sensitive to bitter flavors than men.

We sampled rosé infused gummy bear candy, learned restaurants used to serve full glasses of sweet wine with steak, and had fun smelling different scents from the Aroma Wall.

Made in New York

Have you been to the Finger Lakes Wine Country? After a short walk over we sampled wine number three from Dr. Konstantin Frank a European immigrant who started a wine business in NY that is still in operation to this day. This section of the Rosé Wine Mansion also features a “living wall” of fresh greenery.

Rose mansion nyc living wall

Do it for the ‘Gram

The next few rooms in the Rosé Wine Mansion are for pure entertainment. They’re about 4-6 former dressing rooms designed mainly for photo opportunities and fun.

Rooms include a pink room with flamingos, one full of roses, a random mirror with wallpaper, and my favorite tendrils hanging from the ceiling with an interactive “light show”.

Rose Mansion nyc strings

How Rosé is Made + Blend your own wine

After walking through a giant archway of balls, we learned how rosé wine is made in 7 steps: growing, harvesting, crushing, soaking, fermenting, aging/bottling, and of course, enjoying. Wine number four sample was our “perfect blend”. Each blend was made by choosing the weight, fruitiness, and acidity.

Rose wine mansion - the perfect blend
Rose wine mansion -make my own blend

Sparkling Wine or Champagne?

Did you know that sparkling wine can ONLY be called Champagne if it comes from the Champagne, France region outside of Paris? Many learned that drinking their fifth sample inside the Rosé Wine Mansion.

The next room was learning fun facts about sparkling wines and how they are made in 9 steps. There were other insta-worthy rooms in this area including a ball pit, the infamous sparkling wine tower, and my favorite shot below.

Rose mansion nyc sparkle
Rose wine mansion - how sparkling wine is made

A tub full of Roses, and Swinging from the Chandelier

You can’t leave the Rosé Wine Mansion without taking photos in or around the tub full of roses or swinging from the chandelier. Make sure to have your poses planned ahead of time. Due to these being the most popular areas in the Rose Wine Mansion, you have about 30 seconds to take your photo. Don’t forget your wine tastings. 😉

Rose wine mansion - tub of roses

rose mansion nyc Swinging from the Chandelier

Just a Queen from Queens

In between the chandelier room and the next was the wine wall of fame showcasing men and women known to impact the wine industry.  It also showcases the history of wine within the United States. The seventh wine sample in the Rosé Wine Mansion was a wine from France and my favorite from the whole tour. We also got a chance to take pictures on a throne.

Rose mansion nyc - queen from queens

Travel to Ancient Rome

The last sample of wine in the Rosé Wine Mansion was in an Ancient Rome-themed room. This room was definitely another Instagram moment of grapes, chaise lounges, and your imagination. You can also get a good laugh from Hellenic-like paintings with modern items like Starbucks, selfie sticks, and laptops.

Rose Wine Mansion - Ancient Rome
rosé wine mansion hellenic paintings

The last room was purely for photo and boomerang purposes showing sayings like “No standing, only dancing” and “Say yes to new adventures. I had such a fun time at the Rosé Wine Mansion NYC. It was an added bonus that we weren’t rushed through the tour.

A Look inside the Rose Wine Mansion NYC
Check my full video inside the Rose Wine Mansion below

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16 thoughts on “A Look Inside the Rosé Wine Mansion NYC

  1. The Fashion Sherlock says:

    This place is on my list to visit. Didnt know you could make your own rose, but that is pretty cool. Lots of Instagram worthy props as well!

  2. BehindTheSchmile says:

    Wine and steak is one of my favourite combos- definitely a bitter wine kinda girl! This place looks amazing and sounds like a lot of fun! Now on the hunt for something similar in London!
    Tisha x

    • Joanna E says:

      The correlation with wine and steak was eating milkshakes with burgers. It made a little more sense after seeing that. I loved the educational portion because spending $45 to just take pics would’ve been a waste IMO. It’s definitely fun with friends and we weren’t rushed to leave any section of the tour.

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