Non Alcoholic Cranberry Lime Spritzer

Non Alcoholic Cranberry & Lime Spritzer

It’s the holiday season and that means people will be decorating the house, visiting Christmas Markets, and looking their best for dinners and holiday parties. The best thing about holiday parties are the drinks, but what about non-alcoholic options for non-drinkers, designated driver, and kids?

If you’re hosting a holiday party this year, here’s a quick and easy recipe for a non-alcoholic Cranberry Lime Spritzer that you can try.

Quick and easy Non Alcoholic Cranberry & Lime Spritzer

Prior to making this drink, I went to my local grocery store to pick up the ingredients for my spritzer recipe. I chose Cranberries since they are a popular ingredient for drinks and desserts for the holidays. A bonus for getting fresh cranberries was giving to my sister to make fresh cranberry sauce.

Cranberry Lime Spritzer Ingredients

Since I like quick recipes, I don’t include tons of ingredients. Here’s a list of what you need to make this easy cranberry lime spritzer.

Ingredients for the non-alcoholic cranberry & lime spritzer
Cranberry lime spritzer ingredients
  • Cranberry Juice (or cranberry-lime juice)
  • Lime
  • Sparkling water (or 7Up, Sprite, seltzer water)
  • Fresh Cranberries

Making the Cranberry Lime Spritzer

I started by pouring the sparkling water into the pitcher until it was half full. If you don’t like sparkling water, you can use a lemon/lime soda or ginger ale. After pouring the water, I added cranberry juice into the second half of the pitcher.

The last step is to slice limes and add cranberries to the pitcher, mix, and chill. When you’re ready to serve, you can garnish your drinks with lime.

adding the sparkling water
final result of the non alcoholic holiday drink

As you can see, this drink is super easy to make and a great option for a holiday party for both kids and adults. My guests loved this drink and I hope to continue incorporating it into my family’s annual Christmas brunch.

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