Spruce up your Holiday Home with ScentSicles Scented Ornaments

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When it comes to Christmas and the holiday season I decorate for the kids, but for some weird reason, I’ve been feeling quite festive. I  purchased new curtains, I wanted to paint like any other Caribbean person during the holidays and even put my tree up before December. Who is this woman? I’m NOT like this!

I don’t know about you, but for Christmas and the holidays, I love the scents that come with it. As a first-generation American, I also try my best to incorporate my Trinidadian culture during the Christmas season. Cleaning up, playing traditional music like parang, and smelling scents from food and drinks like fresh sweet bread, sorrel, black cake, and punch de creme all come to mind prepping for the holidays mixed with Christmas tree and pine tree scents from living in NYC. Growing up we always used artificial Christmas trees, but I’ve always liked the fresh pine tree scent. After attending this year’s Babbleboxx holiday party, I discovered I can enjoy both my artificial tree and the Christmas tree smell with ScentSicles.

Babbleboxx Holiday Party NYC
Babbleboxx 2018 Holiday Party in NYC

What are ScentSicles?

Infused with pure fragrance oils, ScentSicles provide warm-holiday scents with the following options:

  • Scented Ornaments: ScentSicles scented ornaments blend in your Christmas tree or decor naturally. One bottle comes with six scented ornaments and hooks. Just apply the ornament to the hook to easily place on your tree or garland.
  • Table Ornaments: An alternative to candles, ScentSicles scented table ornaments infuse your home with holiday scents without fire. This is useful for homes with young children and a great holiday party gift. You can also place the ScentSicles table ornaments to freshen up your bathroom.
  • Scented Sprigs: ScentSicles scented sprigs are a smaller version and add the holiday scent to smaller objects like wreaths.
Scentsicles scented ornaments O Christmas tree
Scentsicles O Christmas tree scented tree ornaments

How to use ScentSicles Scented Ornaments in Your Home

With the success of using the SentSicles scented ornaments on my artificial tree, I purchased Christmas tree scented sticks for an artificial wreath for the front door entryway. Not only did I have a Christmas tree scent in my home I also received compliments from friends and family on how good my apartment smelled. The best part is after 30 days or once the season is over, I can toss them and repurchase for next year.

Scentsicles Christmas tree scented sticks
ScentSicles scented sprigs for an artificial wreath
ScentSicles white winter fir scented sprigs
White Winter Fir scented sprig

ScentSicles scented ornaments, table ornaments, and scented sprigs come in a variety of scents including O Christmas Tree, White Winter Fir, Spiced Pine Cones, White Winter Berry, and Two Dashes of Cinnamon with new scents added each year. You can learn more about where to buy ScentSicles seasonally on their official website.

Spruce up your Holiday Home with ScentSicles Scented Ornaments

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