Gift Ideas for Candle Lovers

Gift Ideas for Candle Lovers

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With winter and the holiday season around the corner, it is a great time to cozy up and burn candles. Candles come in many colors, shapes, sizes, and scents and can be used for multiple uses such as decor, light sources, or winding down after a long day.

If you’re not sure of gifts that go with candles, here’s a gift guide of five gift ideas for candle lovers.

Gift Ideas for Candle lovers
Gifts for candle lovers gift guide

Candle Accessory Set

A candle accessory set is a great gift for any candle enthusiast. Most kits include a wick dipper which is used to extinguish an existing flame without the smoky scent, a wick trimmer to keep the candle burning without any black soot, giving your candle longer burn time, and a candle snuffer usually designed for taller candles to help eliminate issues with blowing hot wax.

Candle Holders

If the candle lover in your life has a ton of candles, consider purchasing a candle holder. From tea light to candelabras, and lanterns, candle holders come in different varieties to match any type of home decor.

Rechargeable Lighter

Rechargeable, electric lighters are a sustainable alternative to stick matches and butane lighters. They are powered by USB, light your candles faster, and can be used for other uses like outdoor camping.

Spa Gift Basket

Since spa days have been limited this year, bring the spa home. Make or buy a spa candle gift basket that can include a robe, comfy slippers, bath bombs, and essential oils. A spa gift basket is sure to add to the comfort of candle lighting.


If all else fails, purchase candles as gifts. To help my vacation withdrawals, I’ve been burning these travel-inspired scented soy candles from The Jetsetter Candle Co. The Jetsetter Candle Co was created to “spark the jet setter in you to find adventure, happiness, and inner peace”.

Each candle is hand-poured and includes scents inspired by destinations from around the world. In addition to the fresh scents, I love that these candles have points of interest for each location giving me an idea of what to include on my itinerary if I visit.

I hope this quick guide of gifts for candle lovers helped get an idea of Christmas gifts to purchase for your friends or loved ones. If you’d like more inspiration, I’ve included more items to complement scented candles that you can shop from below.

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