Joanna E Travels: My 2018 Travel Recap

2018 Travel Recap

2018 really was an experience that turned out to be a lot better than I thought. If you remember, last year my group blog split up to focus on our own platforms and I put a lot of emphasis on balancing my blog and traveling while working a full-time job.

There were times I didn’t think I could handle everything and I made sure to take a break when necessary. Here’s my 2018 travel recap and where I’ll be heading next year.

March: London, Paris, and Rome

Compared to last year and even my 2015 and 2016 recaps it is hard to believe this travel addict waited until March to hop on another plane. I kicked off the year with a mini Eurotrip visiting family in London, finally traveling to Paris, and ending the journey with my cousin in Rome. It was also the first time I used Airbnb Experiences to book a photo shoot on a solo trip.

Photoshoot with Picture Me Paris
Photoshoot with Picture Me Paris

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Days used – 6 Days + 1 Weekend

April: Providenciales, Turks & Caicos

I continued the birthday beach weekend and spend my 32 birthday in Providenciales, Turks & Caicos. Turks & Caicos has been on my cousin’s bucket list for the longest so we quickly booked our flight and hotel as soon as we saw a flight deal.

Even though Providenciales is expensive, we didn’t break the bank and still had a relaxing weekend. You can check the highlights of our trip in the video below.

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Days used – 2 days + weekend

July: Chesapeake, Virginia

In July I used a personal day and weekend to visit family in Virginia. The plan was to do exploration around the Chesapeake, Virginia Beach and Norfolk area, but I realized it is easier to do all of this with your own transportation.

Much like my trips to Trinidad, I don’t get to do many ‘touristy’ things when visiting family, but I will make it my business to explore the area next time I visit.

Days used – 1 + weekend

August: Staycation

As with years past, I enjoyed my summer in the city enjoying pop-up events, museums, rooftop bars, and time with friends and family. The best part was enjoying most of these things for free! Look out for more NYC posts next year.

2018 Travel Recap - Rose Wine Mansion
Visiting the Rosé WIne Mansion NYC pop-up

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September: Corning, NY

In efforts to do more networking and learn more about travel blogging, photography, and video, I found myself upstate for my first TBEX Conference. I’ve been wanting to visit the Finger Lakes region for a while and had a great time getting out of the city and learning more about my home state. It definitely encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone as well as do more in New York.

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Days used – 5

October: Bali, Indonesia & Singapore

The last big vacation of the year was our girl’s trip to Bali and Singapore. It was our second time visiting Southeast Asia after our first trip to Thailand and we did a lot of adventurous activities.

This was also the first girl’s trip that was 100% curated by us! With all of our combined travel knowledge, we did as much as we could during the week, but there are other activities I will do on another trip. I also would love to spend more time in Singapore.

2018 Travel recap - girl's trip to Bali
Girl’s Trip to Bali – Ubud ATV Tour

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Days used – 7 + weekend

November: Bangor, Pennsylvania

In November, church friends and I met up with my sister to go wine tasting at Tolino Vineyards in Bangor, Pennsylvania. It was my first experience wine tasting in PA and I know I need to go back. We had such a great time, we’re planning a weekend ski trip in the Poconos in February. You can see highlights from our day in this vlog by Kez B.

Days used – Saturday

2018 Travel Recap

I have Iceland, Jamaica, Trinidad and a possible sister’s trip planned for 2019, but it will be a little different because I’m going to Grad school. I now would have to balance school, blogging, traveling while working full-time, but I think I can do it.

To help with the load, I will be utilizing more guest bloggers so make sure to subscribe to my monthly mailing list or follow on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube to see more of our experiences in and out of NYC.

What travels do you have planned for 2019?

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