2016 Travel Roundup

2016 Travel Roundup

The year is coming to a close and I’m excited to share my 2016 travel roundup for the year. Between discovering extra vacation days and finding flight deals, random trips seemed to come up a lot this year. Including day, weekend trips, and days off,  I visited 5 countries and enjoyed each and every experience. Here’s how I traveled in 2016 while still working a full-time job.

January: Atlanta, GA

I kicked off 2016 by visiting Atlanta again for Martin Luther King Jr weekend. Although it was planned and I enjoyed away time with my sister and godsisters, it ended up being more business than fun. We did get to rest, and I got a chance to test drive the Ford Escape.

Days used – 1 + weekend

February: Cartagena, Colombia

My first time in South America was in Cartagena, Colombia. It was my second solo trip and while I didn’t have the best time ever like Curaçao, it was still a great experience to be away on my own again. I did a Trolley tour, walking city tour, and visited Playa Blanca in Isla Barú.

Days used – 4

March: Ocean City, MD

The first of many. In March, I visited my godparents in Ocean City, Maryland for a Frozen-themed birthday party. The price and location were great and I got time to bond with my nieces and nephews. I even worked remotely since we traveled from Pennsylvania instead of NYC.

Days used – 0 + weekend

April: Christ Church, Barbados

Planned 3 weeks ahead, my cousin and I celebrated my 30th birthday a week early in Barbados. In addition to our great stay at the Bougainvillea Resort, the highlight was linking up with my cousins from Trinidad who happened to be visiting the same weekend.

Days used – 2 + weekend

2016 Travel Roundup - Bridgetown Barbados

May: Staycation – Brooklyn, NY

I didn’t make any travel trips in May because I was a bridesmaid in both of my friend’s wedding on Memorial Day Weekend. The bride and us bridesmaids stayed overnight at the lovely Sheraton Brooklyn and I got to meet one of my favorite soca artists Kees Dieffenthaller from Kes the Band.

Days used – weekend

June: Calverton, New York

I kicked off summer with my nieces and nephews at Splish Splash in Calverton, New York. It was our first theme park of the year and sleeping kids on the way home indicate they had a great time.

Days used – weekend

July: Ocean City, MD & Orlando, FL

I used my time off for Independence weekend to go back to Ocean City, MD. I stayed at the Atlantic Ocean Front Inn for the night and spent the rest of the holiday weekend with my godparents. During the weekend, we went to the beach, ate crab cake sandwiches at Belly Buster’s and had auntie time at Jolly Roger Amusement Park.

Days used – weekend + paid holiday Our family vacation was another week in Orlando, Florida. We didn’t make it to Disney, but we made trips to Legoland and I-Drive 360. It was also a first for us to go to the Orlando Eye.

Days used – 5 + weekend

August: Allentown, PA

We ended summer by going to Dorney Park in Pennsylvania. My brother, sister in law and I enjoyed the water park until it was closed. Days used – weekend

September: Athens, Greece

The most spontaneous trip this year was to Greece. My cousin and I spent Labor Day weekend in Athens and enjoyed every minute we had. We’re already planning an extended trip that includes a more formal cruise around the Greek islands.

Days used – 1 + weekend + paid holiday

2016 Travel Roundup - Acropolis of Athens

November: San Juan, Puerto Rico

I “stole” my youngest sister the first weekend in November and flew to San Juan, Puerto Rico for a mini getaway. It was both of our first time on the island and we had a great time seeing sights and driving in the 2017 Kia Sportage.

Days used – 2+ weekend

2016 Travel Roundup - San Juan, Puerto Rico

December: Bangkok, Thailand & Shanghai, China

The “trip of the year” hands down goes to the girl’s weekend in Thailand. As a solo traveler, it exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait for the next one Fall 2017.

We only stayed one night in Shanghai. I was able to get a last-minute room for all of us at the Shanghai Forson International Boutique Hotel. I’ll be doing a mini-review and post on how to get into China so make sure to come back to read.

Days used – 7 + weekend

2016 Travel Roundup - Thailand 2016

And that is my full 2016 travel roundup. For 2017 I have four planned trips: two solo trips to Barcelona, Spain, & Cancun, Mexico, a cousin’s trip to Havana, Cuba, and another group trip to Morocco.

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A recap of Joanna E's travels for 2016 including domestic and international travels, weekend and day trips.

Which destination from my 2016 travel roundup would you like to visit next year?

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  1. Nadeen says:

    What a year! I loved following your adventures!! I know you will enjoy 3 of your 4 2017 destinations! Cuba was so interesting and Barcelona is one of my fav cities. Cancun is a great place to relax. Your trip to Thailand has me so excited for mine! Happy New Year!

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