A Weekend in the 2016 Ford Escape

A Weekend in the 2016 Ford Escape

I spent a weekend with my sisters in Atlanta, Georgia and rented a Ford Escape Titanium to get us around town. We initially received a Ford Transit Connect Wagon, but  it was ugly had bad brakes (well both), so we made a swap before leaving the airport.

Unless I really need a car, I don’t drive at all in NYC so being the designated driver was pretty much everything to me. Since gaining more confidence last fall, the six lane highway wasn’t as intimidating as it was when we visited Atlanta for my birthday weekend.

Ford Escape front

The Ford Escape is a great size; it is a 5-seat vehicle and the four of us were able to sit comfortably. Since my youngest sister is 5′ 11″, I was a bit concerned that it’d be too small for her when she drove, but she was perfectly fine. We didn’t have much luggage, but we had space and THEN SOME in the trunk.

I still tend to fast turn sometimes, so the Curve Control safety feature of slowing down the vehicle if it senses you’re turning fast was a plus. In addition to the intelligent access and push button start, we loved the SYNC® 3 technology, linking my iPhone to the car via Bluetooth to make and receive calls as well as play my DJ Private Ryan podcasts through the Sony audio system.

Escape console

Ford Escape Inside

Like always, returning the car was a sad moment. Compared to my previous solo trips to Atlanta in 2013, driving the Ford Escape for the weekend saved us a lot of time when visiting friends and family. It also helped when going out at night since the MARTA system is limited during the nights and weekends.

The starting price for the Ford Escape is $22,745. For more information visit your local Ford dealer or log on to Ford.com.

A Weekend in the 2016 Ford Escape

Have you driven the Ford Escape before?


  1. Sorry, but I love my Prius!

  2. We’ve been looking at cars all week! I wish I had done all the research before we needed to start looking. Replacing a 5 passenger sedan, so I may check this out too.

  3. Were there any specific features of this car that you thought made your travels easier or more convenient?

    • Yes. The navigation system was on the center console showing the mapped road, but if I didn’t hear what it said, I had the ability to look on the dashboard and see “X amount of miles left” with an arrow pointing left or right. The intelligent entry was also great when we had to open the doors and the keys were deep in my purse.

  4. It looks great! I am learning how to drive now. I am such a New Yorker 🙂

  5. I actually like driving on the highway better than local. Granted the highways here are mostly 3 lanes and not 6 haha I would hope not to forget an exit coming up.

  6. I love the Ford Escape….Its such a comfy vehicle….Great on gas… perfect for road trips….

  7. Oh looks like a nice car. Don’t think I can afford it though haha 😛

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