How to Spend a Romantic Weekend in New Orleans

How to Spend a Romantic Weekend in New Orleans

New Orleans is a great destination for lovers, friends, singles, new experiences, and my version of an Urban Paris. Every time I visit New Orleans, I learn and eat something new and feel like I am exactly where I need to be in life without breaking the bank. In addition to having something for everyone, New Orleans is a great city to visit year-round. The most recent was August with my boyfriend to celebrate my birthday. YES, your girl got a man and went on a baecation. If you’re planning a trip to Orleans with your significant other, read more on how to spend a romantic couple’s weekend in New Orleans and Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Drinks from a night out on Bourbon Street on our romantic weekend in New Orleans
Drinks from a night out on Bourbon Street on our romantic weekend in New Orleans

Traveling from New Orleans from NYC

What made our couple’s weekend in New Orleans work well was planning it together. My boyfriend covered all the food and excursions while I covered the flight and hotel using my Delta and Expedia points. For 5 days in New Orleans, I used 20,000 Delta miles for two round-trip flights.  At the time, ticket prices were $178/person or $356 total. If you’re traveling from NYC to New Orleans, the flight is under 3 hours. We used Delta, but if you’re traveling to New Orleans on a budget, most discount airlines go direct too.

Getting Around New Orleans

Once we landed in New Orleans, I downloaded the Lyft app and received a $25 credit promotion for using my Delta American Express Card. The cab ride was $26 to the French Quarter minus the $25 credit. In addition or rideshare services like Uber and Lyft, New Orleans is a walkable city. You can also take a ride on the bus or famous New Orleans streetcars. There are four streetcar lines: the St. Charles line, the Canal Street line, the Riverfront line, and the Rampart line. Click here to see a map of the streetcar and bus services in the city.

Where to Stay in New Orleans

To save some money, I used Delta Marketplace to book the Loews New Orleans (28,000 miles), then used Expedia points to book a separate reservation at the same hotel. The Loews New Orleans is listed as one of the most Romantic Hotels in New Orleans so it was perfect for our extended weekend trip. It is located steps away from the French Quarter & Arts District and some rooms offer great views of the Mississippi River or New Orleans Skyline. Prior to our romantic getaway, I requested a complimentary bottle of champagne on arrival to start the celebration. Happily, I received more than requested. When I opened the door, there were flower petals spread throughout the room and on the bed. This was indeed my boyfriend’s arrangement with the hotel and it made me feel so special. There was also a Chef’s Choice amenity-filled with sweets, sparkling wine, 2 complimentary meal cards, and a warm-felt welcome note on their Loews postcard. If you want to stay in a luxury hotel with great staff and spa service for guests, you won’t be disappointed in the Loews New Orleans.

couple's romantic Weekend in New Orleans - Complimentary items from the Loews Hotel New Orleans
Complimentary items from the Loews Hotel New Orleans
couple's romantic weekend in New Orleans - Rose Petals on the bed at the Loews Hotel New Orleans
Rose Petals on the bed at the Loews Hotel New Orleans

Fun Things to Do in New Orleans for Couples

We had 5 days in New Orleans to explore so it was more than enough time for excursions. As mentioned, my boyfriend took charge of planning all the activities for our New Orleans trip. As someone who usually plans everything for group trips, I give him credit for his first time planning. If you’re planning a couple’s trip to New Orleans, I recommend a walking tour around the French Quarter to visit historical sites, going to The Presbytère’s Museum to learn about Katrina & Mardi Gras, Jackson Square, seeing the art galleries on Royal Street, going to the French Market, visiting Louis Armstrong Park, Tremé which is the oldest black neighborhood in the US, the floats at Mardi Gras World, taking a Jazz Boat River Cruise, Horse and Carriage ride at night and mixing in some fun with a Ghost or  Swamp Tour. A last-minute excursion for our romantic weekend in New Orleans was the Trap NOLA tour. Here are some other things to do in New Orleans for couples that can be added to a weekend in New Orleans itinerary:

Where to Eat in New Orleans

In addition to experiencing the culture and fun in New Orleans as a couple, the food is great too! It doesn’t matter if your couple’s weekend in New Orleans is short or long; a taste of Creole cuisine is a must! During our 5 days in New Orleans, we ate at some of the best restaurants in the City. Here are some recommended places to eat in New Orleans.

  • The Ruby Slipper Cafe
  • The Gumbo Shop
  • Neyow’s Creole Cafe
  • Court of Two Sisters
  • Landry’s Seafood House
  • Dragos
  • Murrow’s
  • Beignets from Cafe du Monde or Cafe Beignet
  • Meauxbar
  • Po’boys at Parkway Poor Boys
  • Oysters at Acme Oyster
  • Oceana Grill
Beignets from Cafe du Monde
Beignets from Cafe du Monde
Brunch at Murrow's New Orleans
Catfish platter at Murrow’s New Orleans
How to spend 5 days in New Orleans - Eat Dinner at Neyow's Creole Cafe
Dinner at Neyow’s Creole Cafe
how to spend 5 days in New Orleans - eat Dinner at the Gumbo Shop
Dinner at the Gumbo Shop

Since it was my birthday in New Orleans, it is a tradition to pin a dollar to your clothes in exchange for free food, drinks or treats. This was highly successful and I received free beignets, cake, and drinks at some places.

New Orleans Nightlife

In addition to eating great food, you can’t visit New Orleans without experiencing the nightlife. We are early sleepers, but still enjoyed a night on Bourbon Street, one night on Frenchmen Street for live music, and one night at a strip club. Our nights always ended at Harrah’s Casino where we would either win big or lose big. My favorite memory at the Casino is when I told bae to bet on 27. The number 27 symbolic because this is my birthday (August 27), his birthday (November 27) and the date we met on the NYC Kwanzaa Crawl (December 27). The bets were made, the table spun, we both closed our eyes then the lady behind the table yelled “27”. Traveling with your significant other can bae can be a hit or miss, but I am glad I took the gamble with bae.

How to spend a romantic weekend in New Orleans
Bae and I enjoying our romantic weekend in New Orleans

With both of us working together, our romantic weekend in New Orleans for my birthday was a success. This was one of our best trips to date and we went home with great memories, more money, and points saved to plan our trip to Kenya.

Have you experienced a couple’s weekend in New Orleans before?

2 thoughts on “How to Spend a Romantic Weekend in New Orleans

  1. tamaraprosper says:

    It’s always very interesting for me to see a visitor’s perspective of New Orleans. I came here for college in the mid 90’s, married a man who was born and raised here, and we’re raising our family here. It’s a beautiful place to live, faults and all. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself and I hope you come back again. I’m also glad you didn’t get sucked into any tourist traps. The restaurants you visited are pretty popular with locals too. Some places serve anything and tourists have no clue that better, more authentic, often less expensive options are in walking distance.

  2. Keturah Queen says:

    Great read. Love the details and tips for fun locations to explore. I plan on going to New Orleans soon with my husband and I will refer to article as my guide. Thanks Krista!

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