In addition to questions on how to visit Cuba and get around, I received many questions about where to stay in Cuba. Hotels and all-inclusive resorts can be expensive, but to comply with the “Support for Cuban People” category as an American traveler or foreign tourist, you should stay in Casa Particulares (casa particular, or casa for short).

If you’re visiting Cuba and looking for a place to stay, here are some tips on how to book a casa particular in Cuba.

Casa Particular Milagros + booking a casa particular in cuba

What is a Casa Particular

First things first, let’s delve into what a Casa Particular is. A Casa Particular or Casa Particulares are private houses or bed and breakfasts, often run by Cuban families.

Types of casa particulares in Cuba include a spare room in an apartment or private home. You can also rent an apartment or entire house for added privacy.

Staying in a Casa is a great way to connect with locals, experience the hospitality of Cuban owners, and gain insights into the people’s daily lives.

How to Book a Casa Particular in Cuba

An online service is the easiest way to book casa particulars in Cuba. During our search, we chose Airbnb, but other options are available. Ask as many questions as possible and read reviews before deciding.

You also need to state your reason for visiting before booking. Make sure all your ducks are in a row from booking to returning, as you may be questioned by a Customs agent when entering the US.

Below are some sites to book a casa particular online:

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Not all casa hosts speak English. If you’re not fluent or conversational in Spanish, download Google Translate via the app or Google Play Store and use it to your advantage. Food may be included in the booking price, while other casa hosts may offer it at an extra cost.

My cousin and I booked a private apartment and a private room for two casas via Airbnb. Both rentals had cafes and restaurants within walking distance, so we purchased food for about $3-20 CUC total for lunches and dinners.

Casa Particular La Rosa de Ortega

To get an idea of where to stay in Havana, here’s a video of our one-bedroom apartment rental on Calle 23

In addition to our rentals, I have a few friends who rented casa particulares in Cuba, via Airbnb. Here are links to our room rental at La Rosa de Ortega and their suggestions of where to stay in Havana:

Not only does renting a casa particular in Cuba save you money on a budgeted vacation, but it is also a great type of cultural exchange between you and your host. Communicate with your host to assist with planning your trip and share necessities you can bring as gifts.

Our hosts gave us a list of activities and restaurants and showed us where to go if we needed money or assistance. One of my vegan friends showed her host how to make fruit and vegetable breakfast smoothies and gifted her a blender. Research is key when looking for lodging in Cuba.

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How to Book a Casa Particular in Cuba + A guide to booking a Casa Particular in Cuba

Have you rented a casa particular in Cuba?

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  1. Although not in the city, the last Casa was so amazing and relaxing with a pool and old school decor

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